Photographed by my brother, Fabian. Edited by Felicia Cheong using Lightroom at Taman Tun Dr Ismail Park. Wearing Judith Wrap Front Maxi Dress in red from The Tinsel Rack

It's the dancing girl emoji IRL! It's been a great month, fast actually. I had a big down time somewhere end of March and for a over-dramatic girl I am, I thought my life was over, well not really but it was just so terrible I knew I had to get myself out from it. I hated every single thing I had to encounter, the people I had to deal with, and I was living in actual fear and hatred. So much negativity I want to run away but don't know how because being a true Libra, I hate confrontation. Confrontation was so hard for me that I had to practice my lines and role play the scenario. It's retarded but if you hate confrontation, you might understand. 

I'm always into having a fresh start, I put everything behind and took a 2 week break and did nothing but sloth. It was a really good refresher, I met up with friends, I listed out what I want to start doing with my life.. I took up this habit of Stream Of Consciousness writing where I just write down anything and everything I have in my head. I'll do up a post about that soon. 

This picture was taken on the last few days of my break - my brother and I drove to a park nearby and did a short shoot. I never thought I would love long dresses but when The Tinsel Rack told me they are gifting me a piece, I instantly picked up this Judith Wrap Front Maxi Dress in red. I love how the material flows and how casual-but-not-so it looks.