Photographed by Leonard Chooi. Edited with Lightroom by Felicia Cheong. In collaboration with Dorothy Perkins

I'm back again with another collaboration with Dorothy Perkins! This time, for their Spring collection - So lucky to have been sent some clothes from the people behind DP and I'm obsessed. You know what's so great about Dorothy Perkins? As "aunty" as this sounds but they are made with amazing quality - especially the ones that are made of this breathable chiffon material that doesn't see-through - peeerfect for tropical and humid weather.

My favourite piece would be the ruffle floral top because of the vibrant floral print and "conservative" ruffles, it gives a hint of ''vintage'' - especially when you pair it with something plain, it makes the perfect statement. I've got so many compliments about this - I think it looks great with denim. Maybe try it with a denim overall, it would make a great pair.

This shirt dress checks all the boxes for 'it's a lazy work day I just wanna throw on something easy and march to the office'-kinda day. I feel ya! *High five* The great thing about this shirt dress is how the quality of the material makes the dress flow right, if you know what I mean. It comes with a waist belt that defines your shape a little. So yes, this is the kinda dress you can wear to a Korean BBQ night - eat like a bear but look like a model. 


Photographed by Leonard Chooi. Edited by Felicia Cheong. In collaboration with Dorothy Perkins Malaysia 

Tell me, what kind of Spring girl are you? Do you like florals or do you like it casual? Leave me a comment!