How's everyone doing this hectic Monday morning? I spent an hour in the train this morning for my first day back to work so I guess my Monday's been pleasant. I thought I should spend a bit of time sharing a motion diary I did a few weeks ago on my recent trip to Niseko, it was a work trip and I'm so thankful to be able to experience it all.

Just a bit about Motion Diaries, the root of it is because I wanted a space where I can explore and learn the more creative side of videography and that it'll be a space where I get to showcase all of what I learn. It'll be less of the usual beauty/lifestyle stuff I do, but it's going to be so much fun to create.

In terms of the Niseko video however, was made when I was in one of my lowest times, hence, my friend's comment "it kinda look like you died" lol. I was in a place where I was quite lost with my walk of "life" and I needed to find a way out of this misery that I kept feeling about myself. Niseko was beautiful nonetheless, I got to ski and experience snow for the first time - if you follow me on my Instagram, you'd agree with me that the scenery sums it all.