If you watched my "How I lost 7 kgs in 2 months" video, you would know that one of the ways that helped me was to take a weight loss pill I discovered from my then colleague of mine. If you are curious, and I got so many questions about this, and since there's almost no reason for me not to mention this, it's from a brand called Skinny Lolita (Previously known as Beau Tea Slim and now brought over by Neelofa) - RM55 per pack.

Directions: Take a pill a day and it's supposed to help suppress your hunger and absorb the fats in your body.

The interesting thing about this is that it is terrifically known among the Malay market in Malaysia, and it is sold very well a month or two before Raya. The business is so successful that the online store is not enough, they have part-time resellers who help distribute the packages via COD (they are categorised by areas). It's so convenient that you can order it through Whatsapp, find a meeting point, and the somewhat 'drug dealing' can be done within just a day. OR you can move along with the normal way of waiting 3 days for PosLaju to finally deliver it to your doorstep.

Anyway, here are a few things you need to know about Skinny Lolita.

1) It affects your hormones
I'm saying this definitely not from a scientific point of view, although I should do some research on this. However, I remember having my period a week late upon taking the pills religiously for a few weeks. Hence, I do not think it's safe if you are trying to get pregnant.

2) It increases your heart rate (like crazy)
Depending on your body, these pills do different things to you. For me, it increases my heart rate and I remember struggling to sleep on the first night because I could hear my heart beating heavily and it was difficult to keep calm and relax. I would recommend to not do high intensity sports (like Muay Thai or Crossfit) on the day you are taking the pill - I tried and I saw stars.

3) You need to drink a lot of water
You are kinda forced to because it dries up your body so much that it dries up your lips - so you're bound to drink more water anyway. On the other hand, I think it's great because drinking water can actually help you fill up your stomach. #TIP: Bring along a good lipbalm with you, Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Lip Protectant is amazing.

4) It helps to not make you hungry
If you love food and you just can't stop eating but you know that you shouldn't, like me, then this will help you. Despite the disadvantages, I have to give the credit that it really helps suppress hunger. It does not make you want to eat anything, like as if you hate food. Again, it's honestly dependent to your body because it doesn't work for my mother but then again her body is probably immune to products like that.

5) It makes you feel dizzy and ill
.. and it makes you feel that way an hour after you partake it. I get goosebumps and I feel lazy. Especially if you are working or that your work requires you to focus a lot, or that you have an important presentation that day, I don't think it's a great idea.

6) It works!
I believe that 'success' doesn't come easy - gold won't drop down from the sky. Despite the disadvantages that it does to your body, it actually helps you to lose weight and I'm not just saying it for me but if you were to search up on Instagram, you'll see drastic 'KaylaItsiness reviews', but just a MUCH more unhealthier method.

My take?
It's not healthy, it gives instant results but it's definitely not lasting. If you want to achieve a body of a goddess, trust me, live a healthy life. Take a good look at yourself and start changing the way you live - eat a fruit a day, drink more water, reduce crab intake, do more outdoor activities, work out more often. These things are the KEY to a healthier lifestyle and in return resulting to the body of your dreams. I've not taken it for months, because I don't think I can risk myself feeling dizzy/ill at work or while working out, plus, I'm already working out so yea. However, I see myself going back to it on days when I feel like I'm eating uncontrollably - but even so, I'll probably take once a week and stop once I get tired of it. Once a day is NUTS. Although my ex-colleagues do and it works for them.

If you want to try it out - it's really up to you. However, it really depends on your body - but honestly, I do think it's important to at least give it a try because you're gonna be thinking about it all the time if you don't. BUT again, if you have heart issues, or if you are trying to get pregnant then PLEASE do not take this. If you are taking the pill, I also don't think it's great to do high intensity sports (just in case) because the struggle is real, it does crazy things to your body.

(Felicia does not take any responsibilities for your health if you decide to take this. I have mentioned my honest take on it and it's your responsibility for your actions. Thanks)

Have you tried any beauty/slimming supplements? Comment below!