If you're traveling to Sydney, you might want to download my Sydney Itinerary I planned out just for you. Feel free to hit me a dm on Instagram (@eeked) if you have any questions :)

I've been wanting to revisit Sydney for the longest time because I had an amazing time there a few years back with my sister. This time, Leonard was there with me and interesting enough, it felt completely different than it was before - we visited different places and restaurants so it didn't feel repetitive if you know what I mean.

If you're Malaysian, food in Sydney is definitely not comparable in terms of variety. However, they do have amazing asian dishes and it was pretty much what we had throughout our trip. Note, I won't be listing out the basics (eg, Pancakes On The Rocks) because you can probably find that on TripAdvisor..

1) Yang San Park

Best meal I had in Sydney. If you think you had the best Korean BBQ, wait till you try this. Located right at the start of China Town, Yang San Park always has a crowd and known among the locals for its quality meats in affordable prices.

Tip: Try the Egg Pot and Marinated Pork Ribs! If you're thinking of driving, DON'T. Because parking is impossible and even if it's possible, it's either too far or too expensive.

Check out their menu here

2) Pho Mo, Pitt Street

After a long day, a satisfying bowl of hot pho is the best. Pho Mo is located at Pitt Street, in the city - they serve really good pho and in huge portions. It's very similar to the ones I had in Hanoi recently. Try their Rare/Cooked Beef Pho and their Spring Rolls.

Check out their menu here

3) Manpuku Kingsford

Strange, 3rd on the list and still asian. Manpuku has 2 branches in Sydney, one in Chatswood and one in Kingsford near UNSW which was the one I visited. I was queuing for 15-20 minutes, it's apparently quite well known among students as well (could be the area), but it's no surprise because Manpuku serves really good ramen! Try their signature dish (the one with the long name, it literally states that it has a long name, no joke).

Check out their menu here

4) BL Burgers

(Credits: @eilxrrr)
(Credits: @blburgers)
This is THE BOMB, by the way. If you think Burger Lab is good, this will blow your mind. I was just telling Leonard the other day that I think the key to their business success is that they are willing to think outside the box and to try out different things - and you can really see that in their menu. Note that it's located at quite a dodgy area so I wouldn't recommend walking (I did, and I hated it). It's also quite a simple table setup so if you're thinking of chilling there with your laptop, I wouldn't recommend it either. But it's a great place for amazing burgers and amazing service. Love the people there. I had the BL Beef Burger and it was heavenly.

Check out their menu here

5) The Grounds Of Alexandria 

It's a great place and I would highly recommend you to visit not cause of the food but cause of the beautiful environment. There's just something about the place that has a nice vibe to it - also because I was reading about the story of how it came about (read the story here), and how the founder built this place from scratch. The restaurant has a mini-farm with actual farm animals in there, so that's a huge attraction for pictures and it's also a distraction from all the waiting you'll be doing there anyway.