You guys know I've been a fan of Glo for a long time, and I pretty much depend on it. The only reason why I kept going for it is because it simply works on me and I saw results after repetitive visits. Glo came up with something new recently called the Bright Bar and it didn't take long for me to try it out. Here are a few things that will pretty much answer all your questions about the Bright Bar. 

1) Bright Bar by Glo is a pop-up bar that provides Supercharged Light Therapy also known as the XLIGHT

2) XLIGHT is one of the most advanced Light Therapy that uses different wavelengths to target different skin concerns

3) There are 3 types of XLIGHT treatments: XLIGHT Renew, XLIGHT Acne and XLIGHT Heal

4) XLIGHT Renew helps to restore, hydrate and regenerate skin cells while boosting collagen, elastic and hyaluronic acid - it helps for normal skin (dry or oily) and for anti aging. 

5) XLIGHT Acne targets bacteria, calms inflammation and accelerate effectiveness to the root of the acne problem - for people who suffer from acne skin

6) XLIGHT Heal works wonders on sensitive skin, eczema, rocasea, dermatitis and psoriasis. It hydrates and strengthen reduced reactions

7) It is clinically proven that XLIGHT Acne can help Cystic Acne - it uses a blue LED light which you will then see results after 5 weeks of treatment. 

8) It only takes 30 minutes - including cleansing, scrub, Light Therapy (15 minutes), moisturiser and aromatherapy

9) You can relax throughout the treatment while seated in a comfortable chair with BOSE headphones

10) You will be served with your preferred coffee after the treatment where they take you through a short recap on how you feel about your treatment

11) It's located at South Court, Mid Valley. For inquiries or appointments, call 603-22012692 / 603-22022692

Personal Feedback
I was given the opportunity to try out 4 sessions back to back with 3 days intervals in between each treatment. The results are quite prominent, however they can't be easily captured on pictures. I noticed that my pores are diminished, my face feels more firm, and my skin coloration is more even. The biggest thing that I noticed was that my skin is prone to less breakouts - I haven't had breakouts for almost a month during and after the treatments, and it says a lot because I usually have them before my period. I highly recommend this for people who are encountering problems with acne, and I know a few people who have spent hundreds on medication, facial packages and creams to fix their acne issues. However, as much as it may sound like it's an impossible and almost miraculous idea of healing your acne with light, try it. It will change your entire perception.

For more information, visit Bright Bar KL's website