If you followed me since day one, I started off with the Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette, then moved on to Naked Smoky and now I've finally upgraded to Naked Heat! Not sure what you are doing with your life if you are not aware about the launch, because it's making the beauty world a bit nuts and I'm here to tell you if it's worth the hype.

I've been watching the Naked range grow ever since it started with its first and I have to say, they've certainly progressed well and learning from their past successes and mistakes. In my honest opinion, every palette gets better - not just in terms of the shades, but the pigment, the brush, the packaging and the way they market it. I feel like they've put so much effort on reviewing their past projects before creating this one.

So the question that we all want the answer to. What's different with the Naked Heat compared to the other Naked palettes? Here's my take and I've categorised them into the subjects below:

It has 12 eyeshadows that are leaning towards the warmer hues - to be exact, more orange and red-based tones in a mixture of shimmers and mattes. To be exact, 7 mattes and 5 shimmers - I feel like it's necessary to note because I understand that you would want to consider if it's applicable to your daily lifestyle. However, regardless your lifestyle, I think that it's a reasonable mix of textures where you can wear for work and for night outs (or weddings, cause you know, everyone is getting married nowadays). In my personal opinion, the shades are very comparable to the warm shades on the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette (which you know that I'm obsessed with), but the Naked Heat palette basically extended the warm category of it to more.

Below are the shades and their descriptions

Ounce - Pearly Shimmer
Chaser - Light Pink/Hude Matte (very nice base color)
Sauced - Soft Red-Toned Coffee Matte
Low Blow - Yellowish Brown Matte
Lumbre - Copper/Rose Gold Chrome Shimmer
He Devil - Burnt Red Matte
Dirty Talk - Metallic Burnt Almost-Orange Red
Scorched - Metallic Deep Copper/Rosy Shimmer
Cayenne - Warm Chocolate Matte
En Fuego - Deep Burgundy Red Matte
Ashes - Deep Aubergine Matte
Embre - Metallic Dark Almost-Brown Plum Shimmer

Seeing it progress from the velvet and tacky color-pencil box on the Naked Naked to the chocolate box on Naked 3 to this stunning plastic compact on the Naked Smoky and Naked Heat. Big thumbs up on the improvement in terms of making it look more exclusive, really. The quality of the packaging is the exact same one as the Naked Smoky; the difference is that the Naked Heat has a bit more of a wow factor on the lid which has an inlay three-dimensional vertical lines sorta vibe to it. Some reviewers said that it looks tacky but I think it looks great in comparison to their previous ones. However, the packaging can be really bulky and it's not the kind of palette that you want to bring out of your house. It's thickness is like 1mm more than the Naked Smoky which doesn't make any difference but the length is the same. It's the kind of palette you just need to put at home in your drawer.

Not the best brush. I find myself using back the brush from Naked Smoky. On one end, it's the same watercolor brush looking brush that they revolutionalized on Naked Smoky. Which is honestly, good choice! On the other end, they decided bring back the flat brush from Naked 3. WHY!!!! I can't do my lower lash line with any of these ends! However, I'm sure they have their reasons to their designs..

It's selling at RM230 in Malaysia. In comparison in terms of number of shades vs price (price per no. of shades). On the list of competitors in this category (12 shades) we have Tarte Amazonian Clay (RM175), The Balm's Nude Tude (RM189), so yes, Naked Heat it's much pricier. Because with almost the same amount of money you can purchase the Zoeva Nude Spectrum (RM231) which has 15 shades, Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay (RM240) which has 16 shades. Or you can purchase the more affordable ones like Zoeva Caramel Malenge (RM90) which has 10 shades.

The price range is definitely much pricier than Tarte, The Balm and Too Faced, similar to Marc Jacob's price but definitely much lower than By Terry (which is like RM481 for their 10 shade Eye Designer Palette) but then again By Terry is like super exclusive anyway.

However, that is just in terms of number of shades. There are so many other factors to consider to measure its worth, but these factors are strongly dependent on what you are looking for in a palette. The shades, the packaging, the convenience, the brand. It really depends on which one of these factors are more important to you and you can judge from there. I would recommend looking at the shades as the largest take it or leave it factor.

Hence, in my opinion, based on my personal preference of warmer tones and the wide range of similar shades and the mixture of textures, I think it is so so so worth it.