If there's one thing I am not shy to claim in terms of productivity, it would be my slightly above average organisational skills. One thing about myself I learned throughout my career is my love for charts, excel sheets, slides, tables and lists - it doesn't only imply on my actual work but it's just how my mind functions too. A real life setting for reference, if there is a life decision I'd have to make (emotional or not. Eg, a break up or a change of career), I would most likely be the type that lists the pros and cons in a table format using Google Sheets, to be specific (referencing Bridget Jones Baby meme imaginatively here). Or that if I am planning a holiday, I'd start off with a Pinterest board for inspiration, moving on to a slide for easy decision making and move to a sheet format when the details are being finalised.

One of the reasons why I depend so much on structure and being somewhat organised is because I am tired of long winded, messy and unclear thought processes. For instance, if I were to have a fixed format to note down my appointments (digitally and on ink) I'd not have to constantly remind myself about an appointment whilst being afraid that I'd bail.

If you are like me, please by all means, share me some of your skills but if you are not and you are planning to head start a more organised life. Below are some great tips!

Sync Your Calendars (Dekstop & Mobile / Work Email & Personal)

Unless you are okay with holding your computer wherever you go, I cannot emphasize how important it is to inter-sync your calendars - dekstop and mobile, work email and personal. We are no longer in 1996, we have calendars in our phones, for God's sake - I understand that some may have a physical planner, which I do as well (refer to next point) but having them digitally is always necessary because it's much more convenient - and having work & personal calendars synced can allow you to have a more consolidated view of your daily activities. Don't tell me you're gonna be like, "let me go home and check my big ass calendar pasted on my wall" right? Unless you are digitally not savvy, you should make use of these things around you.

Get Yourself a Physical Planner

Remember to get something you can carry around as well. This doesn't apply to everyone because I know some may not find it convenient to their style of working. However writing on ink really helps me to think and structure my thoughts - also because the "note taking" is more flexible. I'm a huge fan of Mossery planners, they have the nicest designs and they have columns that make sense. Plus, you can sorta personalise your sections (the type of calendar template or sections you want) and you can even have your name printed on the cover as well. I love it so much I'm going to perorder my 2018 planner soon.

Note Down Every Appointment

Which is why I think getting yourself a physical planner is necessary, because you can quickly jot down your casual to dos (by casual, I mean like.. "do the laundry" or "make dinner for parents") - because I understand how some tasks are not important enough to add onto your digital calendar. I don't exactly know why do we have that "rule" but I understand the somewhat logic behind this. Keying down all your appointments reduces the rate of bailing!


(a) Label Your Calendar Invites
I have only two labels, one for my full time work and one for my personal - again, this is not necessary for those of you who only have one priority. However if you are like me, working on two priorities at a go, it's good to have them organised so you know what appointment is for what.

(b) Label Your Emails
This changed my life. I'm not sure about other email domains, but Gmail allows you to manage your labels and color coordinate them. I have labels for each of my email accounts - and for my personal email, I have labels like "Eeked Work", "Uber Receipts", "Traveling Plans", "Important Documents" - these labels can help you find what you want easier.

Listing Out Your Goals

This is something I enjoy doing and it helps to increase my work productivity. On days I know I have a lot to do, I'll spend 5 mins of my time to list out a to-do list for the day because it helps me to organise my time and prioritise my tasks. On a monthly (or so) basis, I enjoy writing out goals, both for work and personal. For instance, a 6 months ago, my goal was to organise a training and I did, the sense of achievement is quite motivational as well.

Evernote Everything

Not a sponsored post, I swear. But if one day you were to look at my computer screen over my shoulder, my Evernote is always on. It really helps me to organise all my documents, my notes and details. For instance, at work I handle several projects and different projects have different objectives, plans, decks, documents - I make "notebooks" for every project and every note is a different subtopic and the notes goes into these subtopics. It's really really useful.

At the end of the day, it is really dependent on your working style. Understand how you work can help you find what is your style of organising and it helps you to find that method that suits you best. If you have more organisational tips, please feel free to hit me up :)