We've heard it all. From health magazines, fitness Youtubers, overpriced cross fit classes, to your fitness obsessed boyfriend. For some reason, they just make 'losing weight' sound so simple, so easy, like as if they've done it a million times and it's just a bible to follow. You know the basics, of course. "Do more cardio." "Kickboxing is a great high intensity sport." "Drink more water." "Don't skip breakfast." "Eat salad everyday." Or recently you'll hear the "Doing only cardio will not help you lose weight, you gotta lift some weights." However, even before we go into that, getting to your goal starts with motivation and let me tell you, it is a long process.

Finding the drive to move towards your goal is the toughest and the main part of your journey. It will be that one thing that you'll need to remember during your progress, and below are my ways.


The first step to motivation is acceptance (which I mentioned in my Weight Loss Video here), because accepting who you are and knowing how you look can be a source to find your motivation.

Write Down Your Progress

Some people motivate themselves by noting out their progress every week - either you can write down in your diary (weight, measurement, body fat) OR you can take progress pictures of yourself, which I personally find them extra motivating and helpful

Think About The Reason

A lot of us, I'm sure, can only do something if we are driven with a reason. I remember when I was 6, I asked my mom why can't I go out with my friends and that my friends of the same age could. And she said that it's because I'm a girl. At the age of 6, I could kinda gauge logic, which my parents obviously thought I couldn't, I was so puzzled because most of my friends were girls! And I went on asking her question after question until I get the answer that could satisfy me. It's just like us, but the dangerous part about this in this particular situation is that we are our own battles - we argue against ourselves in our minds - and the most reasonable one wins.

My reason is simple, I knew that I am at the age where I could do everything that I want and that I only have until I am pregnant to look fit, take Instagram pictures of myself in a bikini by the beach without stretch marks. My time is now.

Find A Deal Breaking One Liner

Again, we are our own battles and we are the only ones that can motivate ourselves. Hence, it's important to have that deal breaking one liner to yourself. Something that you know could stop yourself from eating nonsense and could motivate you to go to the gym.

I would ask myself, "Felicia, which makes you happier? A, eating this and be fat or B, not eating this and be skinny. But you can do A whenever you want, but you can only do B now! What makes you happier, Felicia?" 

It's different for different people

Not only is it different for men and women, but it's different in a general scheme where factors like health issues, goals, body size, body shape, metabolism rate comes to play. For me, example, just working out wouldn't help me get in shape. A huge part of my process comes from the diet. Whereas for my friend, Chenelle, all she does is work out and she eats twice my portion and she's still small and skinny.

So, don't give up when you realise that things are not progressing. It's really because you are just not doing the right things for your body! You have all the time in the world to work on this, and you are the only one that could change you. Hence, don't give up and continue to move forward!