Let's be honest, I'm never fashionable. Example, I've only recently discovered that shoes play a large role to sum up the outfit - I never knew that shoes are required to match the clothes. That logic just never occur to me. However, despite that I may not be really good at matching my outfits, but I'm really good at buying things - it's just a God-given talent. Which is why, I thought I should bring you a post to tell you where I bought the outfits I wear on Instagram :) - hopefully on a monthly or quarterly basis. Let's start!

These are really comfortable and are easy to walk in. I chose silver because it will look good with black or white dresses, mainly the whites though because I never knew what shoes to wear with white dresses. However, I recently discovered that almost everything from Mel and Molly are from TaoBao - found out right after I bought this, very heartbreaking, I know. But that's life, you make mistakes, you pick yourself up and move on.

As you can already tell, I wore this twice for different occasions. I've always been a frequent Zalora shopper, because they are fast and they always have the basics. This dress is a bit on the pricier side compared to the other Zalora items I usually buy, but I bought it because I knew it's going to be really comfortable, easy to wear and it's going to be so versatile and of good quality. 

Bought this along with the Tessa Heel above. I honestly didn't carry this bag enough because by the time it arrived, Coachella season was over and the tassles weren't on trend anymore. I'll probably wait till the bohemian trend is in again next year. Other than that, I think it's a really convenient bag, although you can't put much in it, it has two of the main compartments.

I vlogged when I bought this dress. I bought it because I had to attend an event that required us to wear something pastel and I had nothing but a black parade in my closet. Which was why I resulted to a cheap and affordable option of this dress and topped it off with a casual belt so it doesn't look too dressy. I'll probably wear this again for a wedding dinner together with some silver accessories. 

This jacket is really worth every penny. I had so much use out of this - I wore it so many times! It just goes well with anything. It's definitely a closet staple, so it's fine if you spend a little more on a good denim jacket, because really, you can never go wrong with one.