I don't know why have I not spoken about this before, but many of you have asked about my hair color and where I usually get my hair done - well, you can find all that on Instagram. But today, let's talk about my entire hair journey. Here we go.

 The Facts 
Ever since I had a bad experience with my previous hair salon, I've been especially picky. Which is why, I've told this to many of my friends, that I am so thankful to have Alph Studio for treating my hair throughout the past year ever since the incident. Sean, my hair stylist groomed and nurtured my hair from when it was badly damaged by another hair salon and now a healthy head of hair. He's never disappoint and I love the hair color that I've been carrying for the past few months, caramel with a hint of ash. He plays it safe with the colors on me because I told him specifically that I don't want bright colors and he totally respects that.

We are completely on the same page when it comes to what we want for my hair and I think that's the most important. He would give me his undivided attention, to listen my hair concerns and ambitions at the same time giving constructive feedback and plans. If you are intending to visit, let me know :) 

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Alph Studio is located at KA 1-2-11, Kuchai Avenue Kuchai Lama, 13, Jalan Kuchai Maju, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Call 603-79824200 for appointments.

The Story
My mom is a hair stylist, so growing up, I had the privilege of having well maintained hair. The Hair Gods just look after me really well because to be really honest, until today, I've never paid a single cent for any hair services.

A year and a half ago, I was tied to a salon for sponsorship. I was super thankful because I could finally do the hair that I wanted without my mom's permission. So, I made the decision to bleach my entire head of hair and dyed it grey. But, I came home to find that a section of my hair fell off. I've never felt so ugly. It was a true mistake and the worst decision. The stylist that did my hair was a japanese and I guess where was a miscommunication. I wanted to have my hair bleached but I wasn't aware that it would be so intense and destroyed. Anyway, the reason why my hair broke was because the bleach was left too long and my hair couldn't take the chemicals and decided to give up on me.

I admit, a part of it was my stubbornness and was determined to have the hair color I found on Pinterest. Let's face it guys, not everyone can achieve Pinterest looking hair - even if you chemically can, doesn't mean you'll look good in it. Trust me, I've been there. It didn't look as per what I wanted despite having a part of my hair coming off. On top of that, my hair was completely dead and it doesn't feel like it was a part of my body anymore. I remember that it felt like I was holding a handful of wheat. The stylist apologised many times and I went back to get treatments done every week :)

After that incident, I've had a very dull moment with my choices of hair colors. I never went back to bright colors ever since. I dyed it black a couple of times and it took me a really really long time to grow out my hair - until today, I still have around 3cm of the bleach that hasn't been cut off yet.

The Advice
Be open with your hair decisions. 
Always DISCUSS with your hair stylist what you want to achieve and be open to accept suggestions from your hair stylist. In the end of the day, these stylists are the experts and are the ones that will be making it happen for you. If the stylist is not confident, then why do you think that he/she will do a good job to achieving what you want?

Find a stylist that you can communicate well with
By far my most important tip. Consultation is the MOST important part before you go through with your hair decisions. Firstly, get someone that speaks the language that you speak. Secondly, get someone that has the same taste and trend knowledge as you do. 

Stick with your stylist, don't jump around
When you find a good stylist, hold on and never let go. Especially when it comes to color, you want a stylist that plans your hair decisions for you - which is why you pay them to do it. They are not paid to just EXECUTE, the are paid to STRATEGISE as well. Building a history with a stylist is important because the stylist is hired to remember and know what are your past hair issues and progress. For example, you wouldn't remember what color code you did before, and you wouldn't remember the amount of times you've bleached your hair. What if the stylist bleach your hair again without knowing that you've bleached previously before? 

Spend at least 10 minutes for consultation
It doesn't have to be this long, but if you are making a drastic change, you need to ask as many questions as you can before they start. Spend some time to whatsapp over to your stylist some inspiration pictures before your hair visit. So your stylist can plan ahead. Your stylist will tell you if it doesn't work and you can search for more possible inspirations after that. 

Getting the hair you want is not always achievable in just one session - it's a progression!
Example, if you want grey hair. Don't be crazy, you cannot achieve it in just one session (as much as you want to save money). You will need to space out your bleaching probably in a month so your hair can take the chemicals gradually and not break off. 

Maintenance is key
Good hair never come easy. Be sure to visit your stylist for frequent trimming and hair treatments.