A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to try out The Face Shop's first cosmeceutical skincare range, Dr Belmeur. I've always been a lover for plant-based, natural and chemical free skincare products which was why Dr Belmeur caught my interest because it's a hypoallergenic derma cosmetic line, which means that it targets specifically to skin that is sensitive and easily irritated. This is because the range uses the Skin Sync formula that comes very close to our skin’s cell structure that makes it easily acceptable. Growing up, I've had good and bad experiences with skincare products, if you were to see my first videos on Youtube, you can tell how bad my skin was and back then I thought my skin was great... it was not.


Anyway, the range is available in 2 ranges to cater 2 different skin problems: clarifying (for acne-prone, oily skin) and daily repair (for dry and sensitive skin). Of course, I go for daily repair - if you follow me consistently, you'll know that my dry skin is pretty much the only thing I talk about. The range consists of the Daily Repair Foam Cleanser, Daily Repair Toner, Daily Repair Moisturizer and Daily Repair Ato Salt Cream. The range is also dermatologically tested on Atopic eczema skin with the result of 42% improved skin hydration, 28% improved skin barrier and clear flaky skin during just 4 weeks of usage.



The Daily Repair Toner (RM95.29) is by far my favourite product in the range because the consistency has a percentage of gel in it which is great for nourishment, as compared to most cleansers that are too water based or alcohol based that can irritate your skin even more. I usually use this with a cotton pad and dab it over my skin, but besides that, I like using this as a mid-day booster, just whenever I need a hydrating boost because it helps to give that instant dewy effect to the skin.


The Daily Repair Moisturizer (RM105.89) is used as a day cream because it's lighter in consistency compared to the ATO Salt Cream. It is gentle, mild and helps to hydrate the face well especially after that thirsty few minutes in the morning after you wash your face but at the same time it is light and has high absorbency so your makeup will not look cakey.


It doesn't come to my surprise that Daily Repair ATO Salt Cream (RM148.29) is Dr Belmeur's best-selling product. It's thick, rich, really moisturizing - pretty much everything you could ask for. The ATO Salt Cream contains 8% Dead Sea Salt (hence, the name) which is excellent for people with eczema because the salt soothes itchiness and helps your skin to stay hydrated throughout the night. Furthermore, it’s free from harmful ingredients such as Paraben, Synthetic colorants, Synthetic fragrance, Triethalamine, Mineral oil, Benzophene-3, Poplene Glycal, Ethal, Talc, Benzoic Acid that can be found in many skincare products. Drilling down to its fragrance, you wouldn’t believe it but they are actually a combination of natural oils such as Tea tree oil,  Bergamot fruit oil, Rosemary leaf oil, Lime oil and Eucalyptus leaf oil.

I've been applying this every night before I go to bed and I wake up with really comfortable and dewy skin. Additionally, I totally recommend to bring this with you into the plane especially during long flights, because our skin gets dry and gross during travel time, so this works tremendously well for that.


Below are the list of ingredients that in the Daily Repair range:
i. Phytosphingosine - water binding agent: protect skin barrier from becoming dehydrated
ii. Moreheiya: acts as anti-oxidant
iii. Birch Tree Sap (aka tree of life that used as a medical plant for centuries): soothes the skin by replenishing skin with moisture

I filmed a video all about my skincare routine featuring these products and how the consistency of each of the product feels and looks. See them all in action below!

Head over to THE FACE SHOP in-stores and their e-store to find out more on their exclusive offers! Valid until 31 May!

If you are keen on trying this out but you're not willing to put your full commitment to it, no worries, Dr Belmeur's Daily Repair range is also available in travel sizes that is only available at THE FACE SHOP online store includes :

•Daily Repair Foam Cleanser 50ml
•Daily Repair Toner 50ml
•Daily Repair Moisturizer 30ml
•Daily Repair Ato Salt Cream 20ml

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