There's just so much to explore at the Barossa Valley. We've covered the view of the valley from above when we at the Hot Air Balloon Tour (click here to see the visual diary), but the adventure doesn't end. I was lucky enough to hop on a journey with the South Australian Tourism to show you the beauty of Adelaide. They brought us through a series of exciting-once-in-a-life-time activities and I am beyond thankful for this opportunity. 

Barossa Valley is a renowned wine-producing region at the northeast of Adelaide, about an hour drive away from the city and it's a beautiful place if you want a weekend away for wine and relaxation. With that, you can't leave Barossa Valley without going for a session of wine tasting - that's almost illegal. 

We went for a Food & Wine Master Class at Jacob's Creek, yes, Jacob's Creek! It was like visiting the 'Coke' HQ in the wine world - I basically visited the place where they produced the Jacob's Creeks in Malaysia. The Food & Wine Master Class was where we learned the essential knowledge of wine (that was only because I was a total noob, but the class is customised based on the knowledge you already have about wine), in terms of the drinking method, determining the colour, basic knowledge of food & wine pairing (which was mind-blowing), the differences between the types of wine (in terms of taste, color, scent, sight). The class was led by an amazing professional who had an Advertising background in Ogilvy, Sydney. I remember that he was describing that his office was overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge - the dream, I must say. 

Jacob's Creek offers gourmet picnics, cooking classes and wine tasting classes.


A few things I learned:
1) Pinot Noir is my favourite red wine, Chardonnay is my favourite white wine - glad that I can finally pronounce them confidently. 
2) Wine is best paired with savoury food, which is why cheese is always a good option
3) Wine glass swirling is not a pretentious action - people do this because wine contains tannic acids so swirling it draws oxygen from the air into the wine, which can change the taste and scent of the wine - It actually works! 

Huge thank you to Travel Recommends once again for providing me internet throughout the entire trip. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to purchase a pocket wifi - let's face it, it's only RM26/day (for Australia) and it can connect up to 5 devices. So if you're sharing with 5 friends, that's like RM5/day. Click here to sign up for a pocket wifi in Australia.

After the master class and the winery tour, we were greeted with a bright yellow Trike (with a Harley Davidson front) from Barossa Unique Tours at the entrance of Jacob's Creek. The driver who is the coolest badass took us on a glamorous tour through the valley. It was SO fun and there's no better way to truly embrace the beauty of Barossa. Barossa Unique Tours offers different tour packages - they have one with a Mustang as well. Click here for more information about Barossa Unique Tours.

The glamorous afternoon ended with a delicious Barossan lunch at the Harvest Kitchen @ The Artisans of Barossa. Artisans of Barossa is a group of wine producers that promotes exclusive wines. They are a combination of 6 individual wineries with various styles of winemaking. The Harvest Kitchen is their restaurant and serve AMAZING food designed with quality Barossan produce. We indulged like queens on the 'Feed me like a Barossan' menu, where the kitchen does the meal-choosing for you. 

There will be more Adelaide posts coming up! Stay tuned!