You don't always get the opportunity to take a hot air balloon, really. And words cannot describe how beautiful and unreal it is to be on one. When Chenelle and I were in Adelaide, our tour guide drove us up to Barossa Valley and sent us up up and away on the balloon. We woke up at 3.30am and our transport came around 4am so we could catch the sunrise at 7am. For some stupid reason, we thought it would be warm, I came in with shorts and Chenelle came with a dress - basically our legs were bare and naked - everyone else brought winter wear. It was the coldest I've ever felt and it's a miracle how my legs are still working. They took about an hour to find an empty space at the valley to set off and set up the balloon, and that was when Chenelle and I hid in the van to stay away from the cold. 

It's beautiful up there and it felt just so unreal to see the world in such a different perspective. It was also my first time seeing a deer and a llama, but, of course they were really far away. I think everyone should at least give this a try, I mean really, I'm afraid of heights but this is something so beautiful!
And things were just so so so peaceful and slow moving - thinking to myself, "This is how happiness should feel like." Or "This is how the rich feels like" hahaha because it's really not cheap for a ride. You can find out more about the rides on Balloon Adventure's website here.