Fitness has never drawn much interest to me and you've heard me talking about fitness for over a year; of how I do weekly Muay Thai and Hot Pilates. You might expect a change after a year, but things are not as promising as I expected it to be; the good food has been a huge contribution to the one pack. It only came to my realisation when I decided brave through it all and read Kayla's Bikni Body Guide. She dedicated a page to just progress pictures and I come to understand why - not only because it tells you your progress, but it tells you how out of shape you really are, it forces you to face reality. I was depressed for 3 whole days. The guide consists of a 12-week circuit workout plan you can pretty much do at home, incorporating legs, arms and abs. Additonally, I've been adding a lot of focus to follow according to Kayla's Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Plan; where it tells you what you should be or should not be eating, ideas on healthy snacks and meal options. I'm currently on week 2 and really hoping that all goes well.

Aside fitness, I was on the hunt for a good Lash place and came across Lash Magic KL. They pretty much deals with my lash game every month and I couldn't be more happy with the results. I am also caught onto the Riverdale wagon - my childhood favorite, Cole Sprouse is now a grown man! In terms of beauty, my current Jo Malone pick has been Blackberry and Bay - but I'm looking to try out Nectarine after this. Bourjois' Healthy Mix Foundation has been a firm favourite for all my foundation needs - it feels natural and light on the skin. Alongside with that, I've been making a lot of use with the I-Lust Rockstar Edition Eyeshadow Palette from Sleek - if you are a fan of shimmery shades, you'll love this.

I speak about each of the items above on my March Favourites video, including my feedback on Glo Laser, which a lot of you are keen to know about. Feel free to PM me on Instagram if you need more information :)