Not sure if you remember from my Insta stories how I always bring a huge tote bag to work? Well, that's not happening anymore. Ever since I discovered how easy it is to fit the necessities in a thin clutch, life at work seems less stressful and a lot, obviously lighter (both spiritually and physically). Space is not a good friend and I'm still in the midst of trying to not bring my entire room to work, which is why I am working towards bringing the important things only.

I don't usually go for something so cutesy but for some reason these sequinned lip stick and lip patches called to me. This work clutch is from Something Borrowed via Zalora. Downsizing the bag means I will have to downsize my wallet as well - it's a real talent to fit my name cards (both for Eeked and work), cash, credit cards into this leather wallet from COS.


On the beauty category, I usually switch around based on my outfit. However, the Kiehl's Butterstick Lip Treatment is my recent lip balm fav! For a nude shade, I'm always down for MAC's Matte Whirl. Besides that, I always bring along some medication like how every grandma does. Systane Eyedrops are for the dry eyes (I am still in a healing process), Doudoune Handcream for the cocoa butterness on the hands, Woods for the lost of voice (again, healing process) and my FAVOURITE thing in the world, Tiger Balm which solves all my problems. 

Moving on to the nerd table, I am always seen with my 2017 planner from Mossery (I'll show you more when I get the time to write an entire blogpost about it). It's basically where I jot down information that my little brain cannot remember. My trusty Swarovski Crystal Otterbox, my ultimate life saviour and the only reason why my phone hasn't shattered since 2015. The powerbank is a favourite, I got this at my go-to store called next to MPH at Publika. It's matte and it charges itself with an iphone charger. Love!