Harajuku is by far my favourite place in Tokyo, which is why it deserves its own post. Read here for 8 Things To Do In Tokyo. Stop at Meiji Jingumae (Harajuku) station and follow this list. Harajuku is located really close to Shibuya, so if you're thinking of walking from there, it's definitely possible.

I would never expect myself to like Harajuku because I had the perception of it being a place for extreme fashion (can't seem to find a word there), which isn't a bad thing but it is never really my thing. However, it takes a person to be there to actually understand that people in Harajuku are REALLY fashionable - it's really a place for fashion. I found myself going back to Harajuku very often because I had a lot to buy and there's just so much to do in such a small place in the city.

1) Go Shopping at Cat Street

This is at the top of my list because this street has the most beautiful local Japanese designer stores. When I said designer, you might have the perception of it being expensive, but it's not. I bought a matte leather-ish brown bag for around RM150 and Leonard bought a couple of stuff that are so unique, so good of quality and so affordable for its worth. They put a lot of focus on making everything look exclusive, expensive and of great quality. There are stores where you can customise your shirts, leather goods and stores where you get to customise jeans that only fits perfectly for your body type.

2) Eat Luke's Lobster, Cat Street

While you're busy shopping, stop by Luke's Lobster for a bite. They are from New York and they serve buns with Lobster meat. However, bare in mind that you will need to queue for at least 30-45 minutes, because it's a famous place for tourists.

Image source: @leonardchooi

Image source: http://rainieis.tw/

3) Walk Around Takeshita Street

Takeshita street is a tourist attraction and it's probably listed as the top of the list on every travel website. In my opinion, it's not somewhere that you'll spend more than an hour at because there's really nothing much to buy, there's just a lot to see. Takeshita street has younger and colourful clothing compared to Cat Street.

(a) Puripuka
However, you can't leave Harajuku without going to a Puripuka (Japanese photobooth). There are a few along the street, usually located in clothing stores, where you have to walk down into the basement.

(b) Crepes
While walking, stop by Angel's Heart or Marion's Crepe for a bite

(c) Ice cream at Zaku Zaku Harajuku

image source: @bellywellyjelly

 4) Visit The Meiji Shrine, Harajuku

The entrance of Meiji shrine is located directly at Meiji jingumae station. Once you see the entrance of the shrine, it's a loooooong walk until you actually arrive at the shrine. If you have an elderly with you, it's not advisable to bring them there unless you have a bike, a vehicle or a wheel chair. Do your prayers, take pictures, visit and if you're lucky you get to watch a traditional Japanese wedding.

5) Cycling at Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi park is located right next to Meiji Shrine. It's a really big park and it's a beautiful place for picnics or for a walk. You'll see locals spending time with their family and some even bring a guitar just to practice under a tree. There's a place to rent a bicycle and you get to cycle around the park and just have fun :)

6) Bills at Omotesando

Bills is located in a mall and it's usually with a long queue. They serve overpriced american food - so if you don't want American food, don't come here. However above all that, it's a beautiful place and great for coffee.

7) Hanamaru Udon at Takeshita Street

Hanamaru is everywhere in Tokyo, it's an udon franchise but I thought I should add it here because I had Hanamaru at least 5 times throughout my trip. It's cheap, delicious, healthy and really convenient.

8) People-watch 

Last but not least, Harajuku is the best place to sit and people-watch. Get inspired with their lifestyle and the way they dress.