Over the past few months, I've been getting many private messages for recommendations in Tokyo and I thought it's about time that I list the recommendations here instead of sharing my travel excel sheet publicly to the world. A good thing to note, the weather is a main factor that will affect the places you visit in Tokyo. I was in there in November 2016, so the activities listed below are based on that date range. 

Just to keep you on the same page here, Shibuya, Harajuku, Jingumae, Omotesando.. they are located really close to each other - walking distance. 

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1) Walk The Shibuya Crossing

Take a stop at the Shibuya St and you'll need to walk a bit to see the Shibuya crossing. It's a beautiful place to snap photos. Hint, the best place for a picture is right across Starbucks ;) Head over to Starbucks at Tsutaya for coffee - it has the best top view of the Shibuya crossing, perfect for people watching. If you're hungry, head over to Mcdonald's next door and pick their Shrimp burger, because we don't have it here in Malaysia. 

2) Shopping at Shibuya 

You can do a lot of shopping there as well - but mostly International brands which you can pretty much get anywhere: H&M, the Apple store, Zara etc. You can stop by Shibuya 109 which is an indoor mall but I do not recommend to spend much time there because it's muchhhhhhh better shopping at Harajuku, trust me on this.

3) See Hachiko at Shibuya

This is not an interesting one I must say - because it's just a statue. However, many tourists want to take pictures with Hachiko in remembrance of his story. Read here for Hachiko's story

4) Ichiran Ramen

When you're in Japan, you have to try Ichiran. Again, it's a tourist must-do, but it really tastes amazing. It's a franchise restaurant, so you can find them at most of the main areas in Tokyo. Service is fast, efficient and you order via a machine.

5) Spend A Whole Day At Harajuku

I've written an entire blogpost dedicated to just things you can do in Harajuku itself. Read it here. Just a basic recap, Harajuku is a heaven for fashion. Do designer shopping at Cat Street, have the mainstream Luke's Lobster, visit Takeshita Street, do the walk to Meiji shrine and walk around Yoyogi Park. For more information on each of these activities, head over to that post :)

6) Watch the Sunset at Odaiba

If you have a day to spare, Odaiba is a great place to head to especially if you're traveling with a loved one. It's further away from the city so expect the train ticket to be a little more expensive, it's around 20 mins of a train ride away. They are known for the San Francisco bridge and the Statue of Liberty. It's a beautiful place to wind down and chill, away from the crowd in the city.

7) Daikanyama Is Where All The Hipsters Go

Daikanyama is a more exclusive area of Japan, lesser people and more expensive. If you live in Malaysia, it's like a Damansara Heights (Shibuya is like Bukit Bintang). It's a much quiet area where they have minimalistic cafes and local designer stores - you'll see plenty of hipster slash street wear stuff there. My favourite store is the one that customises denim - but it's super expensive - their jeans are just so nicely handcrafted, really good quality. There's also a store that sells everything leather and I think I spent like a good 45 minutes there going through each item and listening to each of their stories.

8) Lush Is Cheaper In Japan

Note that when you're in Japan, you must restock on the bath bombs. They are much cheaper in Japan compared to in Australia or Korea. Also, you'll eat the Japanese packaging on them so they are great for souvenirs. You can find Lush pretty much everywhere in Tokyo - I visited Lush in total of 7 times because we just had a lot to buy.