I've been getting many questions about the shelf (Lerberg Shelf from Ikea) ever since it became a significant part of my video backdrop and ever since I insta-storied about it. Admittedly, like everything else I do, I did my share of research and planning on Pinterest before I get the shelf itself - that's a lot of ''elfs". For a long time, I pretty much had in mind that I wanted a shelf that contains the things that represents me and random knick knacks of the things I want to remember, places I've been to. I'd like to do a tutorial on how I style my shelf soon but today, let me show you a few of my favourite things on this magical shelf.

Lerberg Shelf from Ikea

1) Himmeli Geometric Gem

I get so so so many questions about this decor piece. It belongs to both my sisters who got it from a decor place in California. I don't see this anywhere in Malaysia, unless they have something similar at H&M home or Typo. There is no actual purpose for its existence on the shelf, but mainly only because it's pretty and it sets the mood for the overall look. However recently I found this decor piece a job, which is to hang my statement earrings, one of which is my infamous Lovisa Feather Earrings.

2) The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

I cannot emphasize how much I receive from reading this - it pretty much changes my entire concept of tidying. I'm a pretty neat person in general and my colleagues can probably support that fact. What relates to me the most about the Kondo culture is to surround yourself with things that you love - or things that "spark joy" or things that make you feel lighter when you touch them.

3) Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

It's impossible for me to squeeze in a bedside table in my room, or else this would probably belong there. This spray is surely a magical potion. It smells fanstastic (almost like how a Chinese ointment would smell), and it's something I'd suggest to buy for a friend that has difficulty sleeping. The scent is supposed to psychologically calms you down and bring you into deep relaxation. It's not as intense as my favourite, Tiger Balm which is like a drug to me, but it's a great one for those who finds the Tiger Balm too intense.


4) Typo Work Status Card Album

Eden got this for me as a Christmas present last year. To be fair, it doesn't serve much of a purpose but then again, 90% of the things on this shelf doesn't do much anyway. She just thinks that everything in the album sounds exactly like me, which I couldn't agree more. It has terms like "Go Away" "Stop The Bullshit". It's just something that makes me laugh whenever I need some.

5) H&M Clear Glass Jar with Wooden Lid

Can't seem to find the exact one online but click here for something similar. I bought this during a sale and didn't know what I wanted to do with it to be honest but I knew it will look beautiful, which it does. I use the jars to store my smaller earrings and rings that I use frequently.

6) Wine Bottle - Make Your Own Blend

This is just a memorable piece from the Make Your Own Blend session we had in Adelaide, where we get to do a bunch of wine tasting and make our own personal wine. It was a beautiful experience and I kept the bottle because it represents the amazing times I had in Adelaide.

7) The Cactus Named Jessica

I didn't know what to name her but I knew it's about time since we had a loyal 2-year-ish relationship. She has been through my ups and downs, went through the cold, neglection. It is only decent that she gets a name, she deserves it. Jessica is from an outdoor plant place in Bandar Utama and she has a long life ahead of her, I hope.