I'm SO happy to hear that a few of you booked your trips to Japan after reading/watching my Japan travels. Watch my Osaka 1 / Osaka 2 videos and Tokyo video for more information. I shared my personal Japan itinerary (it's a private google sheet) to so many of my friends and it's starting to feel a little awkward, which isn't a bad thing. But it's really a joy to see that many of you are responding! Which is why, I feel that I have the need to write more about the trip.

Here are the few things you MUST bring along with you if you are going to Japan. I honestly think that every single thing in this list is ESSENTIAL, trust me on this.

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1) A Knee-Length Winter Coat

This is of course, if you're going during the cooler weathers. I cannot specify enough how important it is to get a knee-length coat because trust me, you're going to thank me, your legs WILL feel it. Mine is from Uniqlo, Women Pile Lined Coat (can't seem to find the long one on the website but it's the same design). It's cosy, and basically the only thing I wore throughout the trip. Of course, just like all winter wear, it costs a lot more than summer wear but judging by the amount of times you'll be wearing it, it is so so so worth it.

2) Travel Wifi from Travel Recommends

Japan can be quite a difficult country to walk about because they have tiny laneways, and especially if you're new to the country without an access to internet. Unlimited wifi just makes things so much easier and carefree - I don't understand why people don't spend the little extra dollars on one. I'm a loyal Travel Recommends customer because it's affordable, it works superbly well and it's convenient for pickups at the airport. For Japan, it only costs RM15/per day for unlimited wifi - and to register, you'll need to fill up a form on the website, do the payment online and collect the wifi router at the airport before you depart. Also, it connects up to 5 devices at a time so if you have 5 friends, you can each contribute RM3 per day.. which is technically equivalent to plaza tol money.

3) A Light Backpack

This Zara backpack is not mine. I borrowed this from Chenelle because I don't think they have it anymore. It was the only bag I used throughout the trip. It's important that the backpack is light because you will be carrying it on your shoulders for long periods, there will be plently of walking. Especially if you are bringing your camera and tripod like I did, yes, it's important. I recommend that the guys get a mini sling bag as well. Leonard got his at one of the popup stores in Gardens which costs around like RM50 - also, if you want extra safety, get a mini padlock.

4) Comfortable Sneakers or Sport Shoes and Good Socks

Also the only pair of shoes I wore throughout the trip. You'd wanna get something that covers the toes if the weather is cold and rainy. The last thing you need is to wet your toes with cold rain water, trust me. You'll get sick if it happens. I know some of you are sneaker freaks and you're wondering if you can wear your latest Yeezy and not get it dirty. Well, good news is that the country is very clean so you're safe. Good socks is not an exception! Make sure you get comfortable socks that doesn't slip below your feet - because that happened to me ._. I had to throw my socks away and go sockless for a bit.

5) Bio Oil or Jojoba Oil

You don't need body moisturisers or hair oils if you have a multipurpose oil like Bio Oil or Jojoba Oil. If I would recommend an oil to bring for travels, it would be Kopara's Jojoba Oil, but I didn't encounter it before the trip so I used Bio Oil during the travel instead. Get a travel size bottle because of the dry weather which will cause your fingers to peel and your lips to crack. My hands were so dry that my Iphone couldn't recognise my fingerprints.

6) Camera

Go Pro is an option, and it would also be my choice if I... had one. I was using my trustly SONY A5100 throughout my trip, but I have to say, it's heavy and bulky. So I'd recommend to get the Canon G7x Mark ii if you are planning to get a new one. It's light, quality is good for video and it's super handy.

7) PDF Files Saved In Your Phone

You won't know if you need the important information - especially if your wifi decides to fail on you. I have the City Maps, Subway Maps, Hotel Booking Confirmation, Hotel Directions, Itinerary.. everything saved in PDF on my phone. I also have it on a Google Sheet so I can access it whenever and I also share the sheet to the people I travel with. Just you know, in case you lost your phone or whatever.