If you follow me on Instagram or have seen my Osaka vlog, you'll notice that I had a sufficient 2-week holiday in Japan - well, technically, I'm STILL in Japan on Instagram. I'm still not done with the pictures. With that, we should be expecting a good amount of travel videos and blog content in the coming weeks. 

No words can describe the shopping experience in Tokyo - I went on an unexpected shopping craze. I went to Tokyo thinking that I will not have anything to buy, or that everything is too anime-looking for my liking, but to my surprise, the city is filled with locally made fashion items that are of quality, that are affordable and BEAUTIFUL. There are countless of things you can get there that I can assure you can never find them in Malaysia - they are on point with the latest trends, color and yea you get my point but don't say I didn't tell you, it's expensive to shop in Japan. 

In terms of fashion, I bought a pouch and a work bag while I was in Daikanyama and Harajuku. Alongside with that, I visited the Lush store 5 times throughout my entire trip. You'll see all that in the video. I also mentioned some new things I got recently, from my Birthday, from impulse purchases, from events and from my other travels.