We can all agree that detox drinks are quite an unsaid beauty necessity. I'm sure most of you are secretly an expert in this field, because I am. Due to the daily back-to-back activities, from meetings at work, to working at home, to workouts, to hangouts, to rehearsals, I tend to forget about my diet. I'm sure most of you can relate to this when I say that putting more veggies and fruits in your diet is not as simple as it sounds - but you still need to eat more veggies and fruits ok? Which is why I've been seeking assistance from detox drinks to help improve my excretory system (google that if you fail in science) and of course, for other health benefits as well.

Also, I used to have swelling face and puffy eyes upon awakening every morning and what make it even worse is that it only disappear in the mid day. I totally lose confident especially when I need to meet up with client. However, over the years, I haven't been too impressed with the detox drinks I've had. They were effective but they have caused me to either feeling tremendously nauseous throughout the day, or that it hurts my stomach so bad that I would wake up to stabbing and intense stomach pains (almost like food poisoning) at 4 in the morning.

But things took a turn when I picked up NANO Detox & Cleanse which helps to flush out the toxins and to de-puff my face. I gave it a good 1-month trial, on an everyday basis, and I'm pretty much sold! Nano Japan's Detox and Cleanse Smoothie is an enzyme detox which is much different than the usual laxative detox or fruits detox water which I've tried. The major difference is that this detox enzyme able to flush out toxins without any laxative effects but instead it does improve the functions of our vital organs i.e. liver, kidney and lymphatic system, and it boosts nutrient absorption apart from just detoxifying - which explains why it doesn't give any form of stomach pains like how many other laxative detox drinks can give. Well, you still go to the toilet regularly when you drink Nano Japan, but they are all controllable and they feel natural (I don't know how else can I describe this).

You know, the last thing you need when you want to improve your body is to feel like crap. Well, the sole purpose of you improving your body is to make yourself happy, but instead, why do we make ourselves go through nausea, stabbing stomach pains, lack of energy in order to look good. (FYI, taking detox drinks only will not help you lose weight - so why do you put yourself into so much trouble?) I remember back when I fainted a couple of times at the gym (once at muay thai) because I was taking laxatives - and trust me, it's not worth it.

(puffy, no makeup face first thing in the morning)

While on the other hand, NANO Detox & Cleanse makes me feel ultra energised, happy, refreshed and rejuvenated, I can still accommodate workouts everyday on my schedule, without having to cancel them last minute due to headaches or cramps. Plus, my skin condition has never been this good (because having good nutrients in your organs really reflects on your skin). I realise an improvement on the puffiness of the eyes and the overall face after taking the smoothie. Now, I dont need to wait for my puffy eyes to disappear until the mid of every day! No more swelling face to work! This is what make me feel so much satisfied with this healthy detox enzyme.

(refreshed face after few hours drinking the detox tea)

The drink comes in a powdered form and the packaging states that it's of a Veggie and Fruity flavour which does not sound tasteful - HOWEVER, the actual taste of it is totally the opposite of what I'd expect. This "healthy green looking" drink actually tastes just like honeydew and smells like macha green tea. It's a really pleasant taste that makes the entire detox-drinking process much happier.

When it comes to partaking it, you will only need to take the drink once a day, with only one scoop (the scoop that comes with it). Usually, I'll put the powdered formula in a small food container so I can bring it to work and drink right before my lunch. On days I am at home or at the gym, I'll pour the detox smoothie into a water bottle so I can bring it around.

The easiest way to make the drink is to mix it with water - cold if you are feeling thirsty, hot if you feel like drinking tea. OR if you take yogurt drinks or fruit juices, you can mix the powdered formula into your drink, it could enhance the taste even more.

NANO Detox & Cleanse is available at QOO10.MY and 11STREET.MY :)