You may have seen me talking about Root Remedies on my Snapchat (@eeked) and Instagram, and let me tell you, it's worth the hype. It doesn't take long for me to fall into a true relationship with this one not only because it's made of natural ingredients (which is already a catch on its own), but how it's ingredients are catered to combat almost every skin type.

All of the products from Root Remedies are natural and contain no synthetic chemicals and fragrances which explains why it doesn't feel dry or stingy like some "natural" products tend to give me. I often reach for the Masala Chai Tea Moisturising Body Scrub because it is really - EVER - I've done a few snaps of it and it has gotten many screenshots so I'm guessing you are curious. The body scrub has a rough texture and it helps to scrub away the dead skin at the same time leaving the skin with this layer of moisture goodness after rinsing - it's strange, you'll need to try it to understand. Same goes to the Spiced Tangerine Body Scrub, the difference between the two is that this one MELTS almost like sugar on the skin and it leaves a layer of oil/wax kinda thing on the skin making the skin feel ultra amazing and moisturised.

Another one that I've been using constantly is the Black Seed Oil and Coconut Oil. I use the Black Seed Oil on my body to moisturise, whereas the Coconut oil is used on my hair to soften the damaged ends. I find that the Black Seed oil doesn't smell too good on the hair as compared to the Coconut oil but it works REALLY well on the skin. You only need literally 1 to 2 drops of the oil for wherever you are applying - which is great!

As you can tell, I am head over heels for Root Remedies and there are many products from them I've not tried but if you want to test them out, you can go over to their website at to purchase!