It wasn't long ago I did a mask-related entry and it didn't take long for me to latch onto another mask obsession. One of the only reasons why I would love to plan a trip to Korea, other than to do a Liposuction surgery if I could, is that I'd bring home a luggage full of masks from Korea. You wonder why Koreans have amazing skin, because they manufacture amazing skincare products! One of which is the Gobdigoun Placenta Power Gel mask, which was mailed to me literally all the way from Myeongdong, Korea!

Their ingredients include Sheep Placenta Extract and the Squalan Macadamia Terniforlia Seed Oil. I know, placenta extract can sound extremely unsure for some, but it is known for its amino acid and peptide which will help you increase elasticity and moisture on the skin.

My first impression of using the mask was how rich and thick the mask is - which is a really good sign because masks should have an immense amount of product. I love how the gel is super rich and it makes my skin super plump, moisturised and glorious after every session. The result is crazy good. My skin feels super refreshed, lifted, moisturised and I can see the fine lines around my eyes start to diminish slowly after several sessions.

This is by far my favourite mask to date. If you are convinced, I have extra masks hence I am doing a giveaway so YOU get to try them out too. Check out my INSTAGRAM ( @ EEKED) for more information on how to win!