If you've been reading long enough, I had a huge hair mistake once a few months ago. Since then, my hair has never felt the same. My hair condition is pretty much crap - dry, almost grass-like and it takes almost 7 years to blow dry my hair completely. So, the heroes behind Number 76 invited me to try out the Jemile Fran Juicy X Glossy range. 

The range comes with a Beautifying Shampoo and a Beautifying Treatment. If you were to google it, everything is in Japanese - so now you know where it's from. The combination is designed to cure and soften coarse hair, especially suitable for those with dry hair issues like muah. 

Over the few months, I've tried plenty of shampoos and I find it a struggle to get something that really nourishes my hair. I've tried the bloody expensive ones from K√©rastase Therapiste which helped a little but it doesn't have enough foam to lather my entire hair, I probably took around only a month to finish a bottle of shampoo. So, I stopped. I tried a cheaper option from Sunsilk, which apparently everyone told me to try, so I did and it didn't help, at all. 

When I tried the Jemile Fran range, this is probably my 4th time using it, I've never felt so much moisture on my hair! The beautifying treatment is super rich and the shampoo has good foam, so I don't need to squeeze out a lot to lather my entire hair. I was actually REALLY surprised with Japanese products to be honest, I didn't know they are THIS good! Like, my hair is finally being treated - I don't even need hair oil to achieve this bounce and glow on my hair! Definitely something I will keep using and repurchasing. 

You can now purchase the range at Number 76 salons :)