Ever since Chenelle, a really close blogger friend of mine revealed her secret to her glowing skin, I was instantly inspired and decided to take similar steps to improve my skin. I had a shopaholic moment a few weeks ago on Hermo (not sponsored) and purchased masks that would last me probably till the end of June. Currently, my skincare routine involves using a mask 3 times a week to really give my face sufficient nutrients - with that, I see an INSTANT improvement on my skin.

Using the right masks plays a huge role, but finding good and affordable ones might be a little troublesome if you are not "looking-hard-enough" or possibly guinea-pigging your way on the hunt for the right one. Which I still recommend to do, different skin conditions, different ingredients, different allergies... you get the drill. So, if you have a sensitive/ache skin type, please take it slow and take the initiative to read the packaging or consult your dermatologist. My current favourite masks are from Faith in Face and B.liv.

Faith in Face is a brand from Korea and I've seen reviews from many Youtubers across Asia who said amazing things so I gave it a try. It's an affordable hydrogel mask (hydrogel masks are more expensive and are usually sold in facial places) that does miraculous things to the skin compared to most sheet masks. The good thing about hydrogel masks is that it can be placed on the skin for more than 20mins; you can only use sheet masks for 20min max, if you exceed, there is a high possibility that the moisture from your face will go back to the mask. Another WOW-factor, is that the gel goes thinner when I peel the mask off, it basically means that the moisture has immersed well into the skin. 

Faith in Face is only sold at Watsons at approximately RM11 per mask - but if you purchase it using Hermo, they often have special promotions so I was lucky to have bought these at BUY 4 FREE 1, so it was really worth it.

B.liv is great as well, and you can purchase it from Hermo by box. It wasn't expensive when I bought it, knowing the fact that b.liv is a great brand especially for its deep pore cleansing/ black heads treatment - my boyfriend's fav. This sheet mask provides good moisture to the skin and leaving the skin feel hydrated and refreshed after.