If you're a huge beauty fanatic, you've probably read a review or two about this. Guess what, you're about to hear it again, this time from me. I may have mentioned this almost all the time whenever I do something skin care but I have a dry skin type which means that all I need to do is to get my skin moisturised and well hydrated. The Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask does exactly that, it quenches my skin's thirst and texture feels extra ultra-rich and satisfying on the skin as well. Unlike most overnight hydrating masks like the one from Laneige, the Origins Drink-Up Intensive mask has natural ingredients such as Avocado, Apricot Kernel Oils and Japanese Seaweed which helps to rebuild and provide amazing nutrients for the skin during the night.

I go for this when my skin feels tired and dry - usually apply this once or twice every week.