Y'all know that I like it natural and I'm never a huge adventurer when it comes to extraordinary makeup looks. I usually like to keep things really simple because that's how I dress on a daily basis and I would expect everyone to relate to that too - not everyone has somewhere fancy to go everyday right? Well anyway, things change and so does my daily make up as well as the products I use. Eg, I switched to using a crayon eyebrow pencil - Cybercolors Auto Eyebrow Pen instead of the Benefit Brow Kit for an everyday look; I downgraded to a Maybelline Nudes Palette from my usual Urban Decay palettes that I usually rotate amongst each other.

On that note, I inserted a short clip for a giveaway - which I am trying to do every month, I hope. I really want to take this opportunity to reach to you guys and actually thank you guys with little gifts :)

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