I'm glad that I managed to pull through this far, it has been about 4 months! The context of this post is not anyhow directly relevant to the pictures but I just want to point out that I've come to a point where I'm a little more confident about myself and my body.

If you noticed, before I started working out..
(a) My pictures on Instagram were always focused on my top half of my body - it's always the selfies
(b) One of the reasons why I didn't like fashion at all because I looked ugly in everything
(c) I focused on beauty initially because that was the only thing that I could do without looking ugly

We've all been there, having extremely low self esteem even though we're constantly reminded how we should love the way we are, "you're beautiful", "you're not fat!", "you look fine!" .... It's just how our minds work you see. But really, there is nothing wrong to improve yourself!

Initially, (can't believe I'm actually confessing this but..) I edited my outfit pictures because I looked fat. Everyone who knows me personally would know that I am never embarrassed to confess about this because what's the point of denying it or hiding it when it's seriously kinda obvious? Months went by and just last week while I was editing an outfit picture, by habit I would use the app that I use to make myself look skinnier. After importing that picture, I realised that I didn't even need to edit it anymore - I actually look like how I want to look, and how I would edit myself to look like. Which is such a satisfying and motivating feeling, you see. I am not skinny or ever intended to be, but I feel prettier, I feel healthier because I actually LOOK healthier - and I am.

That is definitely an achievement there!

This month, I feel that it's time to take it up a notch. In the previous months, I feel that I've been trying out all sorts of sports to really find what I'm comfortable with or don't mind challenging myself to do. I've been trying out various diet plans and cleanses which I now know whether or not it works on me. It was a period of discovery, learning about fitness and fitness in me. Now, we're in for the real deal - I'm doing two of the HARDEST things I constantly tell people that I cannot do - or known to actually cannot do.

1) Focusing on the abdominals and shoulders more than my squats 
2) Quit beer

Two of my biggest fears - and two of the biggest reasons why I am never fit in the first place! Girls are always about the abs, and I was never one of those - I could barely do 20 sit ups but instead, I was that girl that would squat with the biggest weights in class (still am, ok!). Overcoming that barrier of actually focusing on the abs really helped me to control my food intake because I know that food will directly affect my stomach area - I noticed in the past 2 weeks, I cut down so much of food that I shouldn't be eating - I reduced my rice intake and eat more veges and drink more juices!

Quitting beer, yeah, a lot of people might know this but I'm actually a huge alcoholic, not that I get drunk a lot or "party" a lot - I really don't, but it's that I LOVEEEEE the taste of beer - I would treasure my pint of beer like it's everything I have left in life. Until I replaced drinking sessions with friends to workout sessions with friends, I think it's time to put that away from my life! Quitting beer is a VERY HARD step to take, but I'm going to do it. LET ME TRY!!!!