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Actually no, I've done so many tries in the past few months and nothing has happened because I didn't commit myself to it. Hence, I thought starting a hashtag and start talking about it publicly can help adding pressure and actually make things happen! I'm never a sporty person to begin with, I suck at sports and hate running - I really REALLY REALLY hate running, but I know I have to. So, technically this is basically a monthly fitness diary of a lazy fat ass. I want to start writing down my current fitness updates and start thinking the next steps to take. This is so you and I get to do this together too! 

Current Fitness Objective
is pretty vague. I went through some weight loss and gain ups and downs, and have sort of realised how my body works. I have big thighs and they are filled with muscles - because I do plenty of squats and I love doing squats and that's basically the only thing I do. My fitness objective at the moment in order for me to achieve that ultimate body that I want, is to lose all my unnecessary weight on my arms and my legs. All in all, my goal is to feel happy about myself, how I look visually and how healthy I am.

Current Fitness Routine - 
I hate running but I know that's what I will need to do in the coming months in order to lose the weight. Cardio is ultimate! This month, I took up Hot Yoga and have been loving it thus far! Especially for a zen person like me, it really keeps me feeling super refreshed, flexible and less tired. I take Hot Yoga once or twice a week alternating between Lavabody and HotYo Studio - both are amazing! Besides that, I am staying away from the weights as of now - it's REALLY hard for me to do because I do Body Pump once a week and love my instructor to death cause he is super good at what he does. But weight lifting made my body figure larger and it's very difficult for me to maintain. Hence, before I go back to weight lifting, I will need to do all the cardio and tone up my body after that. 

Next Steps - 
1 // I really want to start making more fitness content on my channel and my blog - because that way, it helps me to keep myself motivated. I've planned out some topics and I'm super excited to share them. So stay tuned!

2 // Get myself a pair of new gym pants! Because the one I live and breathe by has a big hole on my right butt cheek and I still wear it shamelessly.. because I can. 

3 // Try Muay Thai! I can't believe I'm saying this but I am going to try Muay Thai. I tried Muay Thai for a month before, and I tend to come home with too many bruises and injuries. Just note that I'm really not the lightest, so lifting up my legs is not easy for me compared to an average Malaysian girl - so yes, kicking, jumping and running is hard. But I remember hating Yoga too, and love it now, so maybe I'll fall for Muay Thai again, I hope. 

4 // Reduce my food portion. I eat a lot and I love eating everything unhealthy. The biggest challenge for me would be to reduce my food intake. I know this will work super effectively on me if I take it seriously because the last time I took this seriously was when I lost 10 kgs. So yes, stop eating so much!

5 // Get a better fitness playlist!