I'm all about the scrubs - I think it's the best way to zen myself after a long and tiring day. When it comes to body scrubs, Soap and Glory never fail to impress me and still maintain its name at the top of my list. I finished off one of their all-time customer favourites, the Flake Away just a month after purchasing it and ever since then, I've been craving for some smoothin' action on my legs. Hence, I purchased another edition (newer), this is the Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em Body Buff. I'm not a body scrub expert, but I have a slight feeling that I've been using this wrongly - but it doesn't matter anyway, I love the way it is. 

I use them very often especially on gym days because that's when I sweat the most - hence, a little scruba dub dub helps to wash off the dirt and smoothing out my skin, making my skin feel ultra smooth and touchable when I'm rolling on my bed sheet - that's like the goal. 

If you were to scroll down, you can see the sugary texture of the scrub! What's cool about this is that I noticed how the sugar melts and turns into liquid once you scrub them onto the skin. Lovvvvvv-in it. 

 photo favscrub_zpsv4ofyrx6.jpg  photo scrub_zpse35jzx6t.jpg  photo askjdn_zps7enl1dwr.jpg