Great skin comes with great commitments. The month of July was overall not the best when it comes to maintaining my skin. With projects coming in (which I’m super blessed about) and work playing a huge part of my life as a standalone, going with a thorough skin care regime was probably the last thing I could possibly remember doing.

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Huge thanks to Hermo Malaysia, the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator was sent to me to try out. Hermo Malaysia is one of the leading E-Commerce websites in Malaysia and have partnered with over 200 beauty brands across the globe. Usually, people visit their website for better access to brands overseas that you can’t get hold of in Malaysia.  

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Over the years, we’ve noticed that several major beauty brands are incorporating beauty gadgets into their range of skin care products. Ever since Clarisonic makes its cut, of course. However, these gadgets usually range from the price RM300-RM500 which makes purchasing slightly difficult (not immediate). Because it’s not like buying a toothbrush, right? With that, the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator comes into the picture. Made in Korea, the vibrating beauty gadget helps skincare to absorb better into the skin - it is as easy and as literal as using it after applying all your skin care.

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It works using the principle of ionization, which results to its vibration once the tip of the gadget is in contact with the skin. Expect your skin to feel a little itchy after using it, which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it is a sign of blood circulation. Eye bags or dark circles are usually caused by weak blood circulation around your eyes. Hence, massaging it with a vibrating tool can help to reduce them.

After going forth with my usual skin care routine, I spend a minute or two using the applicator on my entire face, with a large focus on my under-eye areas. Just because I’m a loyal member of the panda eye community. Furthermore, its thin and flat tip makes it easy to reach into areas that have a smaller surface area. Besides, its minimal and sleek outlook makes it totally fabulous and easy for traveling. Plus, they make awesome gifts as well.

With that, Hermo Malaysia is selling these at only RM31.50 instead of their usual price at RM38.00 from today till the 3 rd of August! What more can you ask?

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Pobling's Mini Ion Applicator

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P/S: Watch the below video where I demonstrate how to use the Pobling Mini Ion Applicator. 

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