I'm such a horrible blogger. I remember back in those days where I used to spam everyone's instagram feed with never-ending selfies, because well, I had all the time in the world to roll all over my bed and take them selfies like anyone freaking care. The month of May-June has been really good to me. Despite being extremely busy and always on-the-go, I think one of which I realised is that I don't reply personal messages as much as I used to. And plus, because I'm juggling actual work, my blog, church stuff, being a good girlfriend, being a good daughter, I feel so guilty for not being able to catch up with things like I used to be able to. Most days, I dream that I could just be a little more omnipresent, or that I could just rent a body and divide my souls into two, so I can be at two places at once (if you get what I mean). But recently, I've learned how to deal with work, or stress in general. I'm never really good at my work ethics; I get tired too easily, I hate making mistakes, I want things to be extra perfect, I hate the process of learning. And because of that overachieving side of me, I tend to get super stressed out way too easily, I'm kinda known as the girl who panics a lot. Anyway, this month taught me how to breathe, stay calm and that our abilities are limited; let's be more human, and do things humans do :) Whee. 

So if you need to know, here are some of my life updates:

 photo recap_zpsshoxso4k.jpg
- Met awesome friends who always have my back whenever.
- Found my signature "look" featuring the papa's jeans.
- New make up stuff for my face (thanks to all the support from all the amazing clients out there who believed in my work, I love you all so much with all my heart <3 )
- Visited a toy store with Leonard and it was like his heaven.

 photo recap2_zps22biifvz.jpg
- I am on the running to be Revlon Malaysia's Ambassador. Current status is that I'm now one of the top 10 finalists and the finale is on the 13th June, this Saturday. Stay tuned :3
- Looked through the polaroids we took in Melbourne and realised how these little pictures mean so much to me.
- Took off the annoying reflecting glass on my table for picture purposes, to be honest. Everything now looks so clean and white, LOVE.
- I graduated. Yeah. Totally forgotten that I was about to graduate until the day before. As we all know, I don't give a shit about things like that lol.

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