If you watched my vlog on Melbourne Day 1, you've probably seen the place I was staying. It was a first for me to book an accommodation through Airbnb and I guess I'll be using it more often than expected. The cosy home that we lived in is located in an urban suburb near the city called Brunswick, where it is planted with trendy coffee places, bars, and brunch places. Hosted by four lovely friends/colleagues who works just at their office downstairs, the home that they live in is bright, cosy and just beautiful; and also note that the place looks really good in pictures as well. We kinda had the whole apartment to ourselves because they are mostly at their office. Hence, we were free to use the kitchen for some tea, lazing around at their balcony and just rolling about their dining area, I suppose. If you are interested in booking your stay here when you travel to Melbourne, you can find the link below. If you're a first to Airbnb, create an account with my referral code and receive RM93 on your first stay! 

For more info on the stay, visit Brunswick Bliss on Airbnb!