I'm back! I had a refreshing week of a holiday in Melbourne and I landed early this morning. Since I've got a whole day off, I'm currently in the midst of planning my blogging and youtube uploading schedule since I've obviously missed out a lot throughout the week and would love to catch up! 

Melbourne was pretty awesome despite it being my second visit; I've covered many touristy places that I've not covered on the previous visit so that was cool and that will only mean I won't be going back in the next 4 years or so. Throughout that trip, there were a few virtual helping hands that made the experience simply an amazing one. Hence today, I thought of listing them down; the top 3 useful traveling apps that I used very very often throughout my trip and that I would've been stranded alone and could've been lost in the busy city without them.

I'm using an Iphone 6 and I wasn't able to register for an Aussie phone line, so most of the times I was using the wifi at my apartment.


You and I know how troublesome it is to plan literally every single move before heading out because the wifi is needed; which tram to take, where the tram stop is etc. And sometimes those pre planning don't work out due to change of plans and sometimes there are two of the same street names in the same city but one up north and one down south, basically really far from each other and that it unfortunately happened to me. However, ever since I downloaded City Maps 2 Go, it changed my life. City Maps 2 Go is an offline city map equipped with a wiki guide and a gps locator. It basically detacts your location magically without using your mobile data. When using the app, all you need to do is just turn on your location and wifi; and let it do the magic. Now that you have this app, you can tell the self-claimed human gps person in your group of friends to shut the hell up, keep that old school map and pencil, because now you got those in just one device. Booyah. (Indirectly referring to Leonard here)

Download for Android and Apple

I was in Melbourne for 7 days and the most difficult question to answer myself and Leonard was "What to eat for breakfast and dinner?"; specifically referring to only breakfast and dinner for some reason. There were like 7 breakfasts and 7 dinners to plan, and I hate hate hate to walk out of a restaurant feeling like I could've made a better choice, especially because eating out is damn expensive in Melbourne (or in any other country except Malaysia). With that in mind, I often have a list of must-eat places but sometimes when you are up north, it's not so convenient to go all the way down south for a meal. Hence, Urbanspoon plays a huge part in making my nearby food choices. Urbanspoon is able to categorise food based on location, cuisine, price and genre. It even has a map to show you where it is and really sufficient information of the restaurant in the app itself as well so you don't have to google the place again. 

Download for Android and Apple


Airbnb is amazing! Ok, other than the recent news on couchsurfing, a girl was drugged and rape, Airbnb is a really convenient and affordable accommodation agent. I'm not too sure if I should even categorise Airbnb as an app, but anyway it comes in an app, so whatever. We stayed in two really different accommodations in Melbourne, different suburb, different setting and house deco. In that manner, we are able to discover different parts of Melbourne, and I thought it was a great decision to do so. I'll talk more about our Melb accommodation soon in the coming posts, but they are all booked under Airbnb. I'm really impressed with how efficient Airbnb works, as in they send timely reminders and guides to my email regarding our stay. They even have a section where people can rate/review the accommodation as well, and at the same time, hosts can also rate/review guests who stayed at their place. I am a hotel person tbh, I love having free cleaning services and people washing my dishes, and serving me food, but dreams don't often come true, hotels in Melbourne are expensive. I paid about RM200 a night for my Airbnb accommodation (that's like 60-70 AUD? I know, what the heck right?) and the price is comparable to staying in a backpackers hotel which is like 30AUD per person. I might as well live in Airbnb and get a whole damn apartment to myself right! 

Download for Android and Apple

*P/S: PTV 
This only applies if you are traveling to Melbourne. I'm not too sure about other cities in other countries but PTV is a freaking awesome app for those who are staying in or visiting Melbourne, and I think almost every human being in Melb that owns a smartphone has this app. PTV stands for Public Transport Victoria and it basically tells you which public transport to take based on your designated location. It also gives you several transport options and tells you the time the tram/train/bus arrives. I used this app together with City Maps 2 Go, because PTV requires you to use internet and City Maps 2 Go doesn't. Hence, I usually pre plan my journey with PTV on which transport to take, and bookmark the tram stops and location with City Maps 2 Go, it's like the best traveling combination. 

Download for Android and Apple

Anyway, that is all for my post today. I really hope you find these helpful and if you do, comment and share this to your friends and let me know!