Things are getting pretty serious over at my Youtube channel, with 8 videos at the moment and counting, mostly beauty-related. However, ever since I published the Christmas Vlog, some of you have requested for more vlogs (perhaps, we call it "lifestyle-related"??); and that will come really soon, so stay tuned. I've been reading a lot of articles on tips for youtubers/bloggers and learned the importance of scheduling my posts. Well, to my surprise, it is not as easy as it seems, but again, it's not as if I'm dragging myself to write or film something every week; it is just.. I guess people call it, "the good kind of stress". So, bare with me for a while with the scheduling, I'll keep up. But at the moment, one video every week (on weekends)! 

Alright, that is a whole paragraph of rant over there. I filmed this a month ago together with my Everyday Skin Care Routine video, but my schedule was a little tight and we had several festive celebrations where make up tutorials were necessary (Feminine Valentine Make Up). So, here it is.. a short summary of my daily make up. A few products that I thought I should especially bring up, and for those who are in a budget, you really should pay good attention. 

1. Garnier Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-On and Garnier Light Visible Whitening Face Powder 
I understand how some girls find it unnecessary to splurge on foundation because some of you probably only use it once a week when you go out (for those who are still schooling). With that, I truly recommend these two combinations if you are looking for a good quality, natural and light weight base. Although they don't come in a wide range of skin tones, but if you have a naturally fair skin tone, these would probably be a good choice. 

I'm combining the two together because you can purchase them at the same place, SaSa. They have outlets at almost every mainstream shopping complex in PJ/KL. If you are looking for budget beauty products, it is really recommended to visit Sasa for a huge variety of international products (I'm talking about products from Korea and Japan). For eyebrows, I was using the one from Cyber Colors previously and thought it didn't do well, and it for some reason breaks easily. So, a lovely lady at the outlet recommended me the brow pencil from Empro and I thought it works really well. As for the liquid eyeliner, I've been using this for a while and I can't seem to find anything I do not like about it, in comparison to its price, I thought it is worth the buy. 

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