I've had one of the most horrible weeks in history to a point where crying becomes a daily night routine. However, during the downside, I needed something to keep my mind off things and you wouldn't believe what my somewhat logical mind told me to do. Hence, I embarked my journey to become a lady of higher maintenance than I already am. Most girls would eventually come to a point of their lives where they consider monthly grooming maintenance like mani and pedi, hair cut and dye, and it is no surprise that a brazilian wax is one of them. However, for some reason, girls in Malaysia tend to be less confident when talking about subjects as such and it does no help at all when I was searching online for the best waxing boutiques in Malaysia. With that, I'm here today for frequently asked questions to be answered in hopes that it'll help you in your future waxing visits.

Despite having to be one of the most painful experiences among most grooming methods, a brazilian wax definitely leans on the more expensive side things as well, so scroll down further to find out how I managed to get a huge discount! 

There aren't any specific preparations before hand other than choosing the right boutique to go to; I
visited Strip, Bangsar to get mine done because it is one of the most popular on the list. Besides, there are many other mushrooming boutiques out there with Apronbay and Glitters being one of the most recognized ones.

The pain. Let's talk about the pain - one of the reasons why I hesitated in the first place. I've already heard the amount of horrible over exaggerated stories about it and have only watched a handful of brazilian wax reaction videos on Youtube, but there is a voice inside me who convinced me to put that all away and just.do.it. Expecting the worst of pains, I was surprised that it wasn't as bad as what everyone exaggerated; it was bearable, it is not like the world is ending on me or whatsoever. And since that was only my concern, I guess I'll be paying my visit more often than I expected.

The 20-minute process includes applying a thin layer of anti septic cream of what feels super cooling. Then followed by a layer of warm wax with a strip on top of that. After that, you just wait for the worst to happen. My specialist suggested that I breathe in and breathe out when she peels, which is suppose to help ease the pain. After peeling, they'll apply another layer of moisturzing cream to reduce the irritating. Bleeding is normal and it depends on the thickness of your skin; some girls have thinner skin and others have thicker. Even so, the bleeding will not get you close to being hospitalized because the bleeding are just minor spots.

Depending on the boutiques, the price range ranges from RM90-RM150, which to be honest IS really expensive however value for money. For Strip, the original price is RM120+, but with the help of the WORTHY BOOK, we are on a different side of things here ladies and gentlemen..., I was lucky to receive 50% off from my receipt! 

Worthy Book is booklet of vouchers that comes in two editions - Ladies and Food edition, that features the most popular brands in town. For the ladies edition, they have vouchers in categories of shopping, beauty, fashion, health and wellness, featuring brands like Kimarie, Sothys, Color Culture, Yves Rocher, Jojoba Spa and many more. It is a super affordable way to try out new places and to enjoy huge discounts! There are many freebies to be used, many cash vouchers, buy-1-free-1s and even more 50% OFFs. With that, I have another buy-1-free-1 voucher with I'll be using for my next brazilian wax visit!

Be sure to get yourself a copy of the worthy book for only RM25, available in most mainstream bookstores in Malaysia! Have fun and be sure to hashtag #eekedinspired ! :)