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I’m guessing if you’ve seen my Current Brow Tutorial, you’d want to hear from the professional behind those brow techniques. In this entry today, I invited my very own “brow mentor” a.k.a National Brow Artist, Rileen Chua to give you an insight of the importance of grooming your brows, tips, and some interesting brow impressions! 

Why is it important to take care of your brows?
It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard this, but eyebrows do bring balance to your face and frame your eyes. You wouldn’t put an ugly frame on that pretty face would ya?

They say that a brow can shape your character and your personality. Can you give us some examples?
 photo brow3_zpspdigotrx.jpg
Bert may not have the best brows. But it sure helps a lot with his expressions. For me, brows help you enhance an expression and, help define a person’s presence (in photos), and are sneaky giveaways of personal grooming.

 photo brow1_zpspm1omx9p.jpg 
Thick, strong brows give a sense of authority and masculinity (eg. Cara Delevigne)

   photo brow2_zpsigtsrgpj.jpg 
Soft, lightly defined brows gives an impression of feminity and elegance (eg. Jennifer Lawrence)

What are the ultimate essentials for a bold “Kylie Jenner” brow?
Perfect the “kylie jenner” brow with a wax and powder brow kit that can make your brows look more defined.  And finish off by giving your brows enough highlight to make it look three-dimensional. Draw High Brow, a cream highlighting brow pencil on your brow bone and above your brows, and blend it with your fingers.

 There are many who are unfortunately gifted with less hair on their brows, are there ways to grow/maintain them? Or perhaps a make up trick to make them look more thicker? 
Use a brow mascara to give your brows more volume! Choose a natural color and waterproof brow mascara, for Malaysia’s unforgiving heat and humidity. Or try tinting your brows, it’s like waking up with makeup! Tinting can add length to end of a brow where most hair tends to be lighter and finer. Hassle free brows!

There’s always a debate between brow threading and brow waxing. What are your thoughts/preferences and why?
I have an extremely low tolerance for pain but would never walk out of the house with unruly brows. Girl problems, haha. I prefer waxing as warm wax is a great way to exfoliate the skin, open the hair follicles and allow the hair to come more easily form the root. Also, have you ever tried taking a selfie while lying on your bed? And how did that go? (apart from losing grip and having the phone fall flat on your face) It’s not the best of angles eh? Gravity pulled EVERYTHING down and flat.. That’s why at Benefit, we wax brows sitting up, since most people see your face while you’re upright.

Have you seen men walking into the brow bar for a brow wax? Are they common among males? Is it an extremely girly thing to do?
In Malaysia, I’ll have to be very honest that most of the men that walk in to our Brow Bar for the very first time, are usually by their girlfriends. Majority of men are still unaware of the option of waxing their brows as opposed to shaving and tweezing (!!!). It’s really an ouch, instead of ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch…. After experiencing their first brow wax, is when we see them coming back for appointments, willingly.

What are your brow tips for men?
Guy brows can often be unruly and hard to tame. You’re just a wax strip away from scruffy to well groomed! The key to defining guy brows is to clean the area without having them become overly shaped. If you’re tweezing at home, open up pores with a steamed towel to keep flinches to a minimum!

What are the advices you normally give to the young ones who just kick-started on their brow journey?
If you’re feeling a little adventurous /confident, start with a brow map, our 3 step custom technique to finding the perfect brow for any face shape. Take a straight edged object (an eyeliner or makeup brush will do), your favorite brow filler and place a little mark with your makeup as you go along. 

  • First, we find the Start: we measure from the dimple of the nose to the beginning of the brow. This will create a slimming effect on the nose and balance the eyes.
  • Next, we look for the highest point for your brows: Beginning at the edge of the nose we pass through the pupil to the highest portion of the brow. This will give maximum lift to the eye area.
  •  Finally, we find the End: we measure from the outer edge of the nose past the outer corner of the eye. This is where the brow should end to create an eye-opening effect.
  • Once the marks are placed, carefully connect the dots, and you’ll get a frame. Make sure both brows are balanced, and carefully remove the strays. 

OR. Leave it to the pros.

That concludes the helpful tips for the brow professional. Visit your nearest Benefit Brow Bar today!

Benefit Cosmetics

My love for Estée Lauder been well known among many, especially when people have been questioning about my daily skincare regime. A skin status recap - my skin was at its worst in the first quarter of the year, to be specific it was in the both extremes of being too oily and too dry at the same time. With that, I was introduced to Estée Lauder's Nutritious Vitality8  and was told that it suits my skin perfectly. The range of 4 key products promises to rejuvenate the skin and helps to keep the skin well-balanced - perfect for dry skin types, especially catered for the youthful generation.

 photo IMG_3705_zpsyykeecgn.jpg

 photo IMG_3712_zpsmym5mm4k.jpg

Guess what! I really can't get enough of it.

A step that I won't miss every morning is the Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant Moisture Creme. I've noticed how this have transformed the application of my make up and how it provides sufficient hydration for my skin throughout the day. Moving onto my night routine, the Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant Overnight Creme/Mask is hands down one of the best overnight cream I've encountered as well. Imagine having smooth, dewy, nourished and velvet-like skin the next morning - it's exactly what motivates me to work through my night time skin care routine. This works miraculously at night while I'm bed as it deeply nourishes the skin, regenerate skin cells and provides skin the right nutrients to kick start the next day.

Occasionally when my skin feels extra thirsty after a face wash at night, I'd go for an essence oil to even things up on the corners of my nose and my forehead. In this case, I'd go for the Radiant Vitality Essence Oil before the night cream. A little goes a long way with this - just 2-3 drops of it is enough to distribute evenly on the face. Although it takes time for this to absorb, I think of it like a well-needed treatment for hydrating. Additionally, on days when my skin travels to the extreme opposite - sudden breakouts, the Radiant Overnight Detox Concentrate salvages the day. It assists to detoxify and absorb impurities of the skin leaving skin well-balanced.

My experience with the Nutritious Vitality8 is truly a skin transformation. My skin has never felt so nourished, dewy, hydrated and radiant. It came to a point where I'd force myself up from my bed if I forget my skin care - it truly caught me into how important skin care is and how much of an impact it could do to our skin. Trust me, you may be like "I'm only 20, I got like 20 more years till I worry about my skin." but honey, you don't know, you really don't know. It's always good to start early.

 photo IMG_4080_zpslsb6fyfo.jpg

 photo IMG_4124_zpsnlsvhovn.jpg

A few weeks ago, Leonard and I celebrated our anniversary together at a luxurious sky dining restaurant over-looking the city of Kuala Lumpur. Hence, I thought of putting together a make up that I wore for that particular event. A romantic date night calls for a shimmery bronzed eyeshadow and a berry red lip. With that, enjoy the video and be sure to give it a thumbs up if you like it! P/s: scroll down for a little restaurant review :)

 photo DSC00547 copy_zpscuwveftk.jpg

 photo DSC005591_zpswo7zwu7u.jpg

 photo DSC00567 copy_zpsikebacgh.jpg

 photo DSC005641_zpsydeiiawh.jpg

Restaurant Critic: Fuego, Troika Sky Dining
It was difficult to decide on a restaurant for our anniversary dinner. The both of us did our research but we had one similar idea in mind, we want a dinning experience over-looking the city. For some reason, we have never dine at a place with a city view, neither together or with our respective friends. Maybe because we're just not the kind that would walk into a nice and expensive restaurant without a special occasion. However, this time, it was something extremely special to us.

Thanks to Instagram, I suggested to visit Fuego. By then I've already seen the amazing pictures people took by the balcony, at the hallway with the lightbulbs. Hence why I went there and did what I had to do, the ultimate Troika photos (you can scroll down to see them).

The experience however, despite the fact that it was unreasonably expensive (like, RM20 for a bottle of water kinda expensive), the food was surprisingly pretty good. We ordered lamb and some spicy finger food; they were yum!

However, the downside was that we made our reservations literally a month in advanced and requested a table nearer to the balcony (just, because, it was important and that we just freaking wanted a balcony seat), but I guess we're just not "class" enough to be qualified to sit at the balcony. Either that, or we need to make our booking a year in advance :3 Even so, regardless the fact that one of tables were empty after we politely and countlessly told the reception that we would love to move our table to the balcony once one of the tables are empty... they insisted that there were people sitting.  We were just really confused then, because WE SPECIFICALLY reserved a month before hand for a BALCONY SEAT. If that is not clear, I don't know what is. Or maybe another hypothesis would be cause the both of us looked too young to be able to afford a table? I'm not sure but to summarise my experience, we're never going back there again. Not for the food, not for the service, and even so, not for the view. I'd love to have what I requested specifically and I'd much rather have a Dominos pizza because I'm sure they would serve me the exact pizza that I specifically ordered ONE MONTH IN ADVANCED. 

 photo DOUBLE3_zpsxucnw9v1.jpg

My beautiful peplum dress is from MAY 19th ! - You should browse through their amazing collection.

 photo 11748664_10152965204152647_1126740405_n_zpshigxnucp.jpg

 photo DOUBLE_zpske5fblvz.jpg

 photo DOUBLE2_zpsgnl40w06.jpg