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Beauty I did a slight change on my hair style lately and have been obsessed with styling it with this messy, effortless, loose curls. It's PERFECT for any occasion and it looks much better on shoulder length/short hair. I covered the products I use for shampooing (for dry and damaged hair) and some tips on blow drying thick hair.

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Root Remedies - I'm in love with this shit


You may have seen me talking about Root Remedies on my Snapchat (@eeked) and Instagram, and let me tell you, it's worth the hype. It doesn't take long for me to fall into a true relationship with this one not only because it's made of natural ingredients (which is already a catch on its own), but how it's ingredients are catered to combat almost every skin type.

All of the products from Root Remedies are natural and contain no synthetic chemicals and fragrances which explains why it doesn't feel dry or stingy like some "natural" products tend to give me. I often reach for the Masala Chai Tea Moisturising Body Scrub because it is really - EVER - I've done a few snaps of it and it has gotten many screenshots so I'm guessing you are curious. The body scrub has a rough texture and it helps to scrub away the dead skin at the same time leaving the skin with this layer of moisture goodness after rinsing - it's strange, you'll need to try it to understand. Same goes to the Spiced Tangerine Body Scrub, the difference between the two is that this one MELTS almost like sugar on the skin and it leaves a layer of oil/wax kinda thing on the skin making the skin feel ultra amazing and moisturised.

Another one that I've been using constantly is the Black Seed Oil and Coconut Oil. I use the Black Seed Oil on my body to moisturise, whereas the Coconut oil is used on my hair to soften the damaged ends. I find that the Black Seed oil doesn't smell too good on the hair as compared to the Coconut oil but it works REALLY well on the skin. You only need literally 1 to 2 drops of the oil for wherever you are applying - which is great!

As you can tell, I am head over heels for Root Remedies and there are many products from them I've not tried but if you want to test them out, you can go over to their website at to purchase!

Tips to Healthy Skin | Eeked


A lot of people don't know that the skin reflects the food you eat, your surroundings, your exercise habits and of course the nutrients you feed to your skin - it's almost like how you keep your body healthy. Below are some tips that might get you started on changing up the little bits and pieces of your lifestyle - but let me start with a skincare routine that has kept my skin looking healthy and resulting me to have that glow from within.

I've always loved products that have natural ingredients - anything in relation to plants or fruits, basically, I think they are the best form of ingredients. Say hello to Cuepido Cosmetics, which is known to formulate without parabens, phthalates, triclosan, sulfates and gluten. Hence, products are safe to be applied on the skin and have lesser possibility to allergies.

Luminous Beauty Essence - If you are the kind that likes a glowy finish to your makeup, this is something you should pick up to be applied under your foundation. Best part about it is that it has Algae extract in it which is awesome for hydration boost and helps to minimise dark spots. I enjoy using this in the morning especially, because it absorbs perfectly and results to super healthy-looking skin.

Price: RM250 for 120ml

Rich Mineral Moisture Gel - It's almost crazy how lightweight and breathable this moisturiser is. The last thing you need in a moisturiser (especially for during the day time) is the thick, oily and heavy layer of oil on the surface of the skin - been there. It's amazing how much good moisture and nutrients this gives to the skin at the same time making you feel like you're not putting any skincare on at all.

Price: RM280 for 50ml

Luminous Beauty Serum - This is actually a lovely addition to the range. It's probably my favourite from the entire range, maybe because it smells like dried oranges and grapes - super fruity! This serum protects the skin against free radicals (free radicals are unstable atoms caused by pollution, sunlight and help to reduce hyperpigmentation from sun damage. It's like feeding your skin with fruit juices everyday :) I love it!

Price: RM210 for 30ml

Done with the skincare, here are some tips on how you can switch up your lifestyle to achieve healthier-looking skin.

TIP #1: Stay hydrated! Or get a bigger water bottle. 
You've heard it too many times, you don't need me to tell you how many litres of water you need to drink a day. But if you are clueless, it's 2. The only problem that we are all facing is HOW to get ourselves to drink that 2 litres. I find that the easiest and most bimbotic way to solve this problem is to either get a bigger water bottle. For one, so you do not need to keep refilling, especially when your office desk is a long walk away from the water dispenser or simply get a cute/nice/pretty water bottle so you don't mind using it more often. 

TIP #2: Fill your stomach with fruits when you're hungry
Eating the right kind of food can really help to improve your skin condition. I always find that whenever I'm eating healthy, my skin reflects it too - try to not consume too much fried food or fast food but instead, whenever you're hungry or feel like munching, be sure to always stock up some fresh fruits to munch on! 

TIP #3: Clean your sleeping area often
Sometimes, it's not the skincare that causes your sudden breakouts, it could simply be that you've been sleeping in a garbage can the whole time. Sleeping is important not only for the eye bags but this is when your skin takes a rest and to regenerate - that's why you call it a beauty sleep. When this happens, be sure to keep your area clean and dust-free, do not eat on your bed (no breakfast in bed unless you have a maid who can change your bed sheets for you every day) because you don't want to sleep with insects and you don't want so much dirt on your face.

TIP #4: Remove your makeup before you workout
Really, I've seen many girls punching bags with their makeup on. I really don't understand the logic. One, it's not comfortable. Two, your makeup will (100% will) smudge - so that kinda beats the purpose of putting on makeup anyway right? Anyway, it's always good to bring along cleansing wipes with you to remove your makeup efficiently before you head to the gym. When you gym, your body generates the heat which will open up your pores and the makeup with sip into your pores and will possibly create pimples.

I hope this article inspire you to pay more attention on your daily habits and choosing the right skincare for your skin concerns.  

Mask Update - Gobdigoun Placenta Power Gel Mask

Beauty It wasn't long ago I did a mask-related entry and it didn't take long for me to latch onto another mask obsession. One of the only reasons why I would love to plan a trip to Korea, other than to do a Liposuction surgery if I could, is that I'd bring home a luggage full of masks from Korea. You wonder why Koreans have amazing skin, because they manufacture amazing skincare products! One of which is the Gobdigoun Placenta Power Gel mask, which was mailed to me literally all the way from Myeongdong, Korea!

Their ingredients include Sheep Placenta Extract and the Squalan Macadamia Terniforlia Seed Oil. I know, placenta extract can sound extremely unsure for some, but it is known for its amino acid and peptide which will help you increase elasticity and moisture on the skin.

My first impression of using the mask was how rich and thick the mask is - which is a really good sign because masks should have an immense amount of product. I love how the gel is super rich and it makes my skin super plump, moisturised and glorious after every session. The result is crazy good. My skin feels super refreshed, lifted, moisturised and I can see the fine lines around my eyes start to diminish slowly after several sessions.

This is by far my favourite mask to date. If you are convinced, I have extra masks hence I am doing a giveaway so YOU get to try them out too. Check out my INSTAGRAM ( @ EEKED) for more information on how to win!

New Favourite Skin Care Bits | Eeked


You guys know I'm a huge skin care junkie - I enjoy switching up my skin care regime to see what's good and what's not good for my skin. I've been enjoying these bits that I recently received from Sephora and Aesop as PR samples. Other than the fact that these are beyond non-mainstream skin care products (which is tempting), they are all similar in a sense that they have ingredients that are more natural than most mainstream luxury skincare products.

Fresh's Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum
You might have heard that Rosewater is extremely beneficial to the skin, this is also the reason why skin care with Rose ingredients in them are more expensive. Rosewater helps for hydration, healing cuts and wounds, clean pores and it even helps you sleep better. This is why I'm putting this serum at the top of today's list - this lightweight serum absorbs extremely well and it really helps to regenerate the skin cells, leaving the face feeling ultra fresh, smooth and healthy.

Read more about the benefit of Rosewater here. 

June Jacobs' Neroli Hydrating Mist
Frankly speaking, I'm a newbie to June Jacob's but this hydrating mist made a really good first impression. The mist's main ingredient is Bitter Orange which explains the fresh orange scent but it feels really fresh on the skin. I use this twice a day whenever my face feels like it needs a pick-me-up.

Estelle & Thild Bio Cleanse Deep Cleaning Detox Mask
Hands up if you hate waiting for the mask to sink in! Usually, masks require around 20 minutes to sink in before you can wash them off but this mask only needs 5 minutes! The mask is great to an entire face detox, great for the sudden breakouts - another plus point is that it doesn't sting. Great for days when you need a quick detox on the face like in the morning when you're on a hurry for work.

Sephora's Luminizing Booster Vitamin C
This came to my surprise, I was instantly intrigued when I saw the word "booster". Anything with the words "booster", "mist", "serum" I'm in. I enjoy having lightweight skin care on the face because I think it works better in the mornings especially when you want to add on make up on top. This booster smells AMAZING, very fruity and fresh, and it is packed with Vitamin C that helps minimise dullness, enhance radiance and resulting to a healthier glow.

Aesop's Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser
I got this as a sample from an Aesop event - yes, I'm definitely a goodie bag hoarder. I love how it doesn't have a fragrant scent to it and it doesn't dry out the skin. This is a sworn favourite to almost all the Aesop users I know of.

Huge Sephora Unboxing! | Eeked


Recently, Sephora was super kind and sent me a huge box of products to try out and I've never felt so complete. These are PR samples for me to review and I was really excited to show you all of them. It took me a good hour or so to actually unbox every item so you can tell how difficult it must've been to squeeze it into a not-so-long video.

I've got some Too Faced palettes, Nudestixs, Tarte mascara, Eyeko .. basically a little of everything :) Let me know if there is any product that you want me to pay more attention on as well!

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How To Snapchat With No Hands | Eeked


Everybody's doing it, and I so happen to have found out how :) In this video, I am going to show you exactly how to snapchat without hands in just very few steps!